View Full Version : schnder g clar 305 vs nikkor m 300 vs fuji c 300

29-Dec-2007, 11:01
I would like to know of folks experiences with these three lenses. Am most interested in a lightweight high quality lens, mostly used outdoors/backpacked on 8x10 field camera. the weights of the fuji and nikkor are close to 1/2 lb and the schneider is 1 lb. thank you for your help and time.

David Karp
29-Dec-2007, 11:31
I think there are a few people on this forum who have had two or perhaps all three of these. Hopefully they will pop in.

I have the Nikkor 300 M. I like it for its light weight and small filter size. The images are fine. When I bought mine I was looking for a Fuji 300 C or the Nikkor M. I figured that I would be happy with either one for 4x5, so I would buy whichever one came up first at a good price. The Nikkor came first, so I bought it. I don't see any reason to change. At the time I did not consider the G-Claron because it was single coated. Based on experience since then I would probably throw the G-Claron into the mix.

One consideration is image circle, depending on your desired format. The Fuji and G-Claron have a bigger image circle based on specs, and are both supposedly the same. I have read that some users find that n reality the Nikkor has a bigger image circle, others disagree. The specs for the G-Claron are reputedly extremely conservative. I am sure others will join in with their experience in this regard.

People like all of these lenses. I doubt you will find anyone saying that any of these is a dog (unless they got a bad example).

Also, you might want to search the archives. This has been discussed many times before.

31-Dec-2007, 23:19
Based on your criteria of "lightweight" and "backpacked" and "8x10" I think you can toss the 355 G-Claron from your list. The image circle, which purportedly covers 12x20 (I own this lens and I believe it!) would be overkill for 8x10. And it's big, and it's heavy. So now you're down to the Nikkor & Fuji. From what I've read, this is the classic "Sony vs. Panasonic" type argument. I doubt you can lose. :)


John Kasaian
1-Jan-2008, 00:56
For 8x10 I'd go with the 305 G Claron. I do have a 300mm "M" on an 8x10 and it is a superb lens and MC and all, but I think the "G" gets the nod when it comes to image circles and being a B&W shooter, MC just isn't a big issue for me. I know nothing about Fujis so I can't comment on them.

1-Jan-2008, 09:39
Ack, so this AM I see that you were asking about the 305 G-Claron...my mistake!

Jack Flesher
1-Jan-2008, 11:11
I have owned all 3. In a nutshell, they are all great. However, the Nikkor M's IC is pretty limited and it just covers 8x10 with a few mm to spare. Because of that, I went with the Fuji 300C. Also a great lens, and has enough additional IC to allow shallow movements on 8x10, say 10mm or so. But in the end, I tended to run out of IC more often than I cared with 8x10, so I went to the 305 G-Claron. The 305 has significantly more IC than the Fuji, but is at the same time, a lower-contrast lens. I shoot color, but scan and print digitally, so prefer lower contrast at the front end for the added bit of DR it provides --- so the 305 became a double-win for me, though you do pay a slight weight penalty. (FWIW: I no longer shoot 8x10 but have kept my 305 to use with 4x5 just because I like the look. And I liked the look of the 305 so much, I bought a 150 G-Claron for my 4x5 too ;) )

I think the comment on the 355 is valid, because it is only slightly larger and heavier than the 305 and some may prefer the slightly longer focal and even more generous IC...

In the end for 8x10, the Fuji if you want light weight and higher contrast and can live with the slightly constrained IC; the 305 if you want more generous movements and can live with the weight.

Ted Harris
1-Jan-2008, 11:48
Assuming you can find one, I'd take the Fuji 300A over any of the others you are considering.

5-Jan-2008, 07:16
thank you all, for taking the time to help