View Full Version : Equador in March/April

27-Dec-2007, 10:33
I'm planning a 2-week trip to Equador at the end of March, with my digital Canon SLR and 4x5 with some Velvia in Quickloads. A good friend of mine lives there but she doesn't shoot LF yet ;) So any advice from fellow LF shooters would be greatly appreciated. Any great landscapes? Particular times of day? Do I have to take any precautions due to weather conditions? Is there a place in Quito to develop 4x5?

Thanks a lot!


Terry Hull
28-Dec-2007, 08:34
Depending on what you like to shoot Ecuador is marvelous. The Panamerican highway was good a few years back but you will have to check conditions. Drive to the snow line at Cotopaxi post sunrise or pre sunset. The drive to Otavalo is also picturesque, as are the people if you can get their concurrence to be photographed. Don't have any idea about large format processing.