View Full Version : Shooting 4x5 film in a 5x7 holder

Ed Brock
26-Dec-2007, 10:56
Is this possible? If so, I would like to hear from anyone actually doing it. Is the 5" dimension in 5x7 film the same as the 5" dimension in 4x5? It would be nice to occasionally use some 4x5 emulsions not available in 5x7 without the expense and added carry-weight of a reducer back. I would assume that some temporary guide-strips would need to be rubber cemented into the holder to keep the film from sliding around. What about loading - could the film just be curved and popped under the guide rails of the holder? How could the film be removed?

26-Dec-2007, 11:04
Sounds like a way to end up wasting film. With the cost and rarity of 5x7 holders I'm not sure it makes sense from that view point either.

I'm sure if you really wanted to use double side tape to hold the film in place you could but I'd rather carry the extra back and lighter smaller 4x5 holders.

26-Dec-2007, 11:06
Jim at Midwest sells a 5x7 to 4x5 adapter for quickload or readyload holders

Glenn Thoreson
26-Dec-2007, 12:30
I believe the 5" dimension is correct. You would need to find a way to keep the film from sliding back and forth. A strategically placed bit of tape should do the trick. Or, spacers made from scrap film, perhaps.

Wayne R. Scott
29-Dec-2007, 15:46
I think Kodak made some metal sheaths that were 5x7 overall with a 4x5 cut out to hold 4x5 film. I have some and some that are 8x10 overall to hold 5x7 film for use in 8x10 film holders.

How difficult will these be to find? I have no idea.


Rafael Garcia
30-Dec-2007, 08:24

I have not done so myself, but did read a post by someone who has done exactly what you are considering. This person reported no problems at all doing it. There were no modifications made to his 5x7 holder, no inserts, no tape. Just insert the film with the 5" dimension matching the filmholder's.

I have the two backs and filmholders for each size, but will try the trick sometime soon myself.

Happy shooting!

John Kasaian
30-Dec-2007, 09:10
Get a 5x7 back. Most 4x5 cameras were built to accomodate both sizes :)