View Full Version : Just want to say hi.

26-Dec-2007, 10:25
I have been shooting LF for quite a while. I have a Linhof technikarden and several lenses. One of my favorite lenses is Fuji 240 f9 apo. I use this lens and a Rodenstock 150 W a lot. I am a professional photographer and I also teach photography. I also have a custom B&W lab in Los Angeles. I shoot a lot with a Horseman 6x12 back on the 4x5. I do a lot of shooting in Utah. I also do a lot of digital work for clients but my personal work is all film. I scan my 4x5 with an Imacon scanner for digital prints but I do a lot of silver prints for my personal work. Nice to be here.

David Karp
26-Dec-2007, 10:28
Good to have you here.

Andrew O'Neill
27-Dec-2007, 08:42
Welcome from the Great White North...actually, Great Wet North where I'm situated.