View Full Version : Chamonix 45N-1 : lens board hole position ?

26-Dec-2007, 07:16
So, should I go for 'offset' lens hole, or should I make the hole in the center of the circle light trap ??

that is, when the front standard is aligned with it's marks...

26-Dec-2007, 08:02
I was wondering about that myself, but I went with center hole drilled lens boards. I don't think it makes a big difference, but for my kind of shooting I think I'll be using front rise a lot with a wide lens, so I didn't want to have to fight the offset. There are two sets of marks on the front standard supports, so it may be the lower set is for use with center drilled boards and the upper set for the offset boards. Zeroing out the rise and fall doesn't seem nearly as critical as zeroing out shift and tilt, so I think either board should work fine.

Brian Ellis
26-Dec-2007, 09:23
Linhof boards have an offset hole because of the way the front standard on some (maybe all) Linhof cameras is designed. Offsetting the hole actually centers it on the film with these cameras. I haven't seen a Chamonix (shipping on mine was delayed) but I wouldn't think the front standard is a copy of the Linhof design. So I'd guess that you use the center hole. However, as Barry said, this really isn't a big deal, the offset is only a few mms IIRC and either way is going to work fine.

26-Dec-2007, 09:31
If the hole is offset at the bottom, I'd say a center hole (no offset) would probably be better, if you like shooting with a lot of front rise.

With your offset boards, you can put a mark on them (or the camera) to help you zero them out.

26-Dec-2007, 11:01
Well I made a board with a center hole; I will try to see how the coverage balance itself and will make marks if necessary... I wanted to get my Wide Field Ektar 100mm on ASAP :D