View Full Version : How much a Korona 5X12 with 6 holders should cost?

26-Dec-2007, 00:45
Does anyone know how much a nice Korona 5X12 with 6 holders should reasonably cost? I don't have any realistic/concrete source of information and I certainly would appreciate some advice.


P.S. No rear extension available.

26-Dec-2007, 05:45
Is this because you want to buy one, or sell one?

Scott --
26-Dec-2007, 18:40
Currently selling on eBay. Got it in my watch list... ;)

Colin Graham
26-Dec-2007, 22:31
I like mine better. ;->

27-Dec-2007, 05:42
Good luck Scott! :)

Scott --
27-Dec-2007, 06:01
Jus' watchin'. No money in the till, anyway...

27-Dec-2007, 06:19
Ah damn, how are your projects working out in those kinda formats anyway??

Scott --
27-Dec-2007, 10:30
Ah damn, how are your projects working out in those kinda formats anyway??

Pretty well (http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j185/bliorg/hay_creek02.jpg), though I haven't been shooting it (or anything else) as much as I'd like of late. 'Tis the season... :rolleyes:

27-Dec-2007, 12:17
Oh wow, nice :)

27-Dec-2007, 12:40
Anyone know how much a Korona 5x12 with 6 holders should actually cost to purchase? My understanding is that the holders are about $300 each and the cost of the camera with the holders should be about $3000. Is this about right? Thanks.

27-Dec-2007, 12:49
Supposedly a brand new Shen 5x12 is less then 2500.

How much are new S&S holders?

Factor in some discount to that total for the Korona. At least I would.

John Schneider
27-Dec-2007, 12:52
It sounds like you've already figured out how much it *should* cost. Now, how much is it worth to you?

Scott --
27-Dec-2007, 12:59
Igor had a 5x12 Korona go for $1450 a while back, though I don't think he had (as many) holders with it.

Are you looking for a prediction on your auction, or help in setting the reserve? The camera's in beautiful shape - I'd guess it'll skyrocket afore it's done...

Sanjay Sen
27-Dec-2007, 13:02
New S&S 5x12 film holders are $225 each, but those holders with the Korona are dry-plate holders. I have no idea what those cost. IMO, your estimate of $3000 is way above what I would pay, considering new 5x12 cameras are available from Shen-Hao and Canham ($3480).

Good luck with your sale!

John Schneider
27-Dec-2007, 13:07
When you had it mis-listed as a 7x17 it went for $1200, which was probably reasonable considering it is, for all intents and purposes, sans film holders. The 5x12 that Igor had included two working film holders, and that was shown on his website for many months before someone finally bit (Someone on the forum bought it, I believe).

Barry Wilkinson
27-Dec-2007, 14:18
New S&S 5x12 film holders are $225 each...

Good luck with your sale!

They are $275 each on Emile's website.