View Full Version : caltar 240mm lens (copal 3) on canham mqc

25-Dec-2007, 10:38

I've been lent a caltar 240 copal 3 to use on my Canham 5x7. The only way I could mount the lens securely on my lensboard--because it seems to be too thin--was by flipping the retaining ring upside down (wide/notched part against the lens board).

This will work for a lil while but I'm finding out that the I'd rather have some sort've spacer between the front of the lens and the lens board. Is there something made to do this? I checked b/h--they sell extra mounting flanges but I think I already have that.


ps Merry Xmas

25-Dec-2007, 11:10
I suppose you could make a simple shim out of any sort of mount board or thinner cardboard. If you put it on the back side of the lens board, you probably should blacken it with a marker to avoid reflections, but you could also put it just behind the shutter where reflections would not be a problem.

I've got a couple of ancient lenses actually mounted on heavy stock mount board as a temporary fix. They've been temporary for years and they are still going strong.

Good luck and Merry Christmas


Jon Shiu
25-Dec-2007, 11:16
There is a spacer available. Check the www.mpex.com site.


Wayne Crider
25-Dec-2007, 12:26
I've made shims out of mat board for spacers.

Gene McCluney
25-Dec-2007, 13:36
When you purchase a lens brand new in Copal shutter, it comes with a spacer for use on Metal lens boards, and on thin wood boards, you omit the spacer. The spacer is easy to get lost if you don't actually need it.

25-Dec-2007, 13:47
Hi FA,

It seems to me that this question has popped up before and, IIRC, people recommended using black rubber gaskets from Home Depot/Gasket shop for this because they're compressible, which allows you to tighten the front lens element down securely.


26-Dec-2007, 06:10
thanks cap!
that's better than paying 30 bucks for a piece of metal.

i did a search of the forum but maybe i searched for the wrong thing.


Ted Harris
26-Dec-2007, 06:41
IIRC, the spacer is 10-15 bucks from MPEX. Not 30.

26-Dec-2007, 14:10
Direct from MPEX site:

Copal #3 Spacers
Item #: COP1000
Your Price: $29.00

isn't that kind've steeeeeeep?

Bob Salomon
26-Dec-2007, 14:20
Have you asked Calumet about the spacer? It is their lens after all.