View Full Version : Base plate for Linhof grip

paul marsland
24-Dec-2007, 17:45
I am looking for the base plate and screws to attach a late model Linhof anatomical left hand grip 002549 to a Super Technika V 23. The original manual that came boxed with the grip show two brackets (one for 45, 57 and one for 23) and I am wondering if the plate for the Technika V 23 is still available? The instructions do not specify a linhof code.

Thankyou, Paul Marsland

Bob Salomon
24-Dec-2007, 18:08
There is no product code as the plate came with the Anatomical Grip. You service center for Linhof in AU may have a spare one.

paul marsland
25-Dec-2007, 16:10
Thanks Bob, I will contact the Australian distributer.


paul marsland
28-Dec-2007, 00:48
I was able to source the bracket (#0432083) for the current anatomical grip for Technika 2x3 (product code 002512) from Marflex. Thank you Martin.


Arne Norris
29-Dec-2007, 09:40
You might have problems with the fit. I have two later version left hand grips with that came with the base plates, both for attaching to the Master Tech 4x5. One is probably from the late 1970s or 80s and I think the other is more current production.

There is a small difference between the slot dimensions between the two sets, enough that one grip is not interchangeable with the other's base plate. They both look the same.

I was surprised to have this problem. It seems that Linhof must have been making them as sets. You might want to be sure you can return the part if it happens not to work. Martin at Marflex is great, so I'd trust whatever he says.

I am going to be selling one of the grip sets as parts without the leather strap, and missing the top screw/bracket that holds the strap. I'm not sure but it might be the same as what is used for the 23. Not sure what you are paying for a new bracket, but the set I have looks almost new, and might be less expensive, in case you are interested.

You can PM me for images and other details if you are interested.