View Full Version : Glacier NP in the Winter?

Ben Chase
24-Dec-2007, 09:54
So who here has been out shooting in Glacier during the winter? I know the GTTS road is closed, but how about the rest of the park? Having been up and down Hwy 93 (Icefields Pkwy) during the winter in Alberta multiple times, I figured I would at least ask the question about what I should expect in terms of road conditions...

Or am I just nuts for even considering this?

Hans Berkhout
24-Dec-2007, 15:04
start with working out he details of your "plan B".

Dave Parker
25-Dec-2007, 09:21

It is all going to depend on the weather, when I left home on Friday, the roads were pretty clear, small amount of snow on the road(hwy 2) between Libby and Kalispell, but all of the roads in the Kalispell area were clear of snow and ice, they do a pretty good job of keeping things clear most of the time, the park is still open and GTTS is open to Lake McDonald lodge on the west side and I believe Rising Sun on the east side, so any where else you might want to travel you will have to hike or ski in. However it is well worth the effort! There is some great winter ice scenes to photograph as well as the mountains covered in snow, especially if we get some dramatic cloud formations which are great.

Have a good trip.


Ben Chase
25-Dec-2007, 15:49
Cool, thanks for the guidance, I'll see if I can throw a short trip together.