View Full Version : Processing 8x10 film in Jobo 3005

Luca Merlo
23-Dec-2007, 15:02
I was wondering if anyone has used the 3005 tank in more than once in a developing session. In other words I need to know if the 3005 drum can be easily dried and how fast it can be reused after a first run.

23-Dec-2007, 15:12

I normally fill the 3005 with water and then load the film when doing more than 1 run. The biggest danger is not from the wet tank, but from water droplets landing on the film from the lid. Otherwise, the sponge driers (supplied with the tank) work quite well in quickly drying the tank.

23-Dec-2007, 20:58
I agree with the above. When you slide the film into the tank, it's the back that touches the sides of the tube, so if it's slightly damp but still slides in there's no problem. Droplets from the lid can get you though, so what I do is fold a towel over and lay it on the bench (to dampen the blow) and whack the lid down on it once or twice to get the water to come down so I can wipe it off before I put the lid on the tank.