View Full Version : New (?) Shen Hao 4x5 model available in Europe

Luca Merlo
23-Dec-2007, 14:04
I have been using a 4x5 Shen Hao camera that I purcased from Jeff at BAdger 3 years ago without any major problem. I have recently realised that from a French company is now available a model that appears much more refined than the one I use. It is named Shen Hao TZ 45 IIA. The company is called IPICTO and can be found at this address: http://www.ipicto.eu/catalog/index.php Have you have heard about this model ? Ever used it ? It looks as a quite interesting 4x5 camera...........

11-Jan-2008, 20:22
looks nice. tks -paul

11-Jan-2008, 21:27
It's a shorter, wide angle model, with a maximum extension listed as 180mm. You can find it on the shen hao website along with their more standard hzx45-AII

11-Jan-2008, 21:58
Actually, the maximum extension listed for the TZ 45II model is 420mm which is much longer than 360mm of the HZXII. The wide angle model is the TFC IIB one.

Gordon Moat
11-Jan-2008, 22:44
There have been some recent postings on the Shen-Hao Users Group on Yahoo about these other 4x5 choices from Shen-Hao. Apparently on the one with the longer bellows extension, using a lens of 90mm or shorter is somewhat difficult. Just be very sure when buying a particular version that you have some idea which lenses you might want to use with which camera. As to build quality, they do seem to be slightly better finished and have a few detail improvements over the HZX45A-II.


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