View Full Version : Why can't I edit?

Jeffrey Sipress
23-Dec-2007, 13:49
This is really strange. I participate in numerous forums and only here can I not edit my posts. What's the thinking here?

Ralph Barker
23-Dec-2007, 14:54
There's a time limit during which a post can be edited by its author. The logic is to avoid having responses to the original post that are negated by subsequent edits. Corrections (or, changes of mind) can be accomplished after the time limit has expired by posting a follow-up.

Eric Woodbury
23-Dec-2007, 16:55
No take backs, Jeff.

Saw your prints in town. Nice. You've been busy. I have some next door at SB Arts.

Jeffrey Sipress
23-Dec-2007, 20:23
Eric, I saw your work there. I told the owner how cool that was!

Thanks for looking. Jeffrey.

17-Feb-2008, 15:55
It would be nice to remove the editing time limit in the "for sale" section so sellers can update what they have sold, or put up more photos instead of potential buyers having to read through all the posts.