View Full Version : Horseman 6x9 focusing cams w/non-Horseman lenses?

Let Biogons Be Biogons
23-Dec-2007, 05:42
Does anyone know if focusing cams for the Horseman 6x9 field cameras (980, 985, VH, VH-R, ER, etc.) are usable with other lens of the same focal length? That is, can the focusing cam for the 90mm Super Horseman lens be used to focus a 90mm Schneider lens? Wouldn't the extension required for a given focus distance be the same for both lenses, and if so wouldn't this make the cams usable for other 90mm lenses? Or am I missing something? Likewise for 75mm, 65 and 150m cams? Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks for the help.

23-Dec-2007, 06:09
Yes. You are correct as long as the focal length of each lens is the same.

The distance from the lens board to film plane at a given focus distance, such as at infinity, will be different with different lens designs but this is easily taken into account when setting up your infinity stops on the rail.