View Full Version : mamiya C3 / polaroid LF

22-Dec-2007, 16:53
just joined your forum,
and large format photography :)

I already have two questions to begin with.
primarely I am looking for a "cheap" way of doing LF, especially using polaroid
film, max 300 USdollar.

is there a possibility of using my old mamiya C3 with a polaroid back ?
I also have a pentax645 but I did not find any replacement back on the net....

maybe some other way of using 4x5 pola film ?

thank you a lot

Michael Graves
22-Dec-2007, 17:01
The Mamiya poloroid options are pretty much medium format, but will give quite good results. You might look around for a deal on a press camera, along the lines of an old Speed Graphic and a few film holders. The results from those cameras are excellent in the right hands. In my hands....that's a different story.