View Full Version : hi there

22-Dec-2007, 16:44
nice to be here. :)
I am totally new to large format.
until now I have used a nikonF801s, pentax 645, nikonD80...

Andrew O'Neill
22-Dec-2007, 18:29
Welcome aboard! So, did you finally get yourself a "real" camera?

23-Dec-2007, 10:09
Welcome over to the dark side!

Richard Adams

23-Dec-2007, 10:41
LOL. I never knew LF was the darkside. Anyway, welcome. :)

Andrew O'Neill
23-Dec-2007, 10:44
Welcome over to the dark side

Perhaps dark slide would be more appropriate?

Vick Vickery
23-Dec-2007, 11:32
Welcome to group therepy! :)