View Full Version : yet another way to mount a Packard shutter

Gordon Coale
21-Dec-2007, 20:33
I just mounted a barrel lens in a lensboard which meant I had to mount my Packard shutter on it. Here is a Flickr set on how I did it: Mounting a Packard shutter (http://www.flickr.com/photos/7286372@N06/sets/72157603520257151/).

22-Dec-2007, 04:55
Very interesting Gordon, I have the same lens it covers 10x8, also a 210mm & a 300mm so you've given me an idea how to fit them


Leonard Robertson
23-Dec-2007, 09:33
Gordon - Good of you to post this. I did a front mount Packard on a 19" Artar using a thick piece of cabinet grade plywood (maybe 3/4"). I thought I needed something thick to keep it on the lens barrel. I planned to line the hole in the plywood with black velvet to help hold it on the barrel, but by dumb luck, I bored the hole to a nice snug fit and it stays on fine with no lining. I've considered making adapter sleeves for smaller diameter lens barrels, but haven't done it yet. I use a pop rivet for a pin. The fat part sticks out the back of my board and makes a nice handle. It is easy to take several of these as spares.

What I like about front mount vs. rear mount is being able to see the shutter fire and know if there is a misfire and the shutter hangs open. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is nice to know and take a second shot.

Len Robertson

23-Dec-2007, 17:24
I do the exact same thing with my packard.

Gordon Coale
23-Dec-2007, 18:08
Len - It doesn't take much thickness if you have a snug fit. I like the idea of a pop rivet. I was using a sawed off cotter pin. The instant return isn't working consistently yet. I need to take some lemon pledge to the shutter blades and oil to the piston to see if I can reduce the friction in the system. I agree about the front mount. When I want it to stay open it's nice to see that it actually does!

Erich Hoeber
23-Dec-2007, 23:33
My solution was to glue a step down ring to my packard shutter so I can screw it to the front of whatever lens I happen to be using. (I've standardized on 77mm filters, so all my lenses have a step-up ring to that size.) I use hot-melt glue which is easily reversible. I've got another 77mm ring glued to the piston side of the shutter so that I can attach a lens shade.

24-Dec-2007, 07:23
Really cool :)

I just went to see if my huge packard shutter would fit inside the 4x5 speed graphic I'd stripped down, sadly not!