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Robert Skeoch
21-Dec-2007, 11:32
I try to make it up to Algonquin Park each winter to shoot along the snow-shoe trails. I'm heading up for a couple days on Friday Feb. 1 to Sunday Feb. 3rd.

If you're not busy feel free to join me. I'll be tenting during the evenings, but others might want to stay at the Wolf Den Lodge or at a Huntsville Hotel.

Anyone is welcome to come along. Let me know and we'll pick a meeting spot.

I plan to shoot some 8x10 but most likely will have a MF around as well.

Walter Calahan
21-Dec-2007, 12:32
Oh, I thought Algonquin Park in northern Virginia. Silly me. Enjoy.

Mark McCarvill
21-Dec-2007, 13:37
Hi Rob.

I'm planning to visit Algonquin this winter as well and I've marked the February 1 weekend in my schedule. I'll be staying at the Wolfden, but I admire your hardiness with the winter camping.

I'll follow up with you as the weekend approaches and the weather picture becomes clear; if itís forecast to be stormy and -30 I may pass!


21-Dec-2007, 15:56
That sounds really good! I'll know a bit more closer to the time if I can do that because I'll be starting a new job around then. I even have an interesting shooting venue out near Barry's Bay, about 50 km out of the east gate but I wanna keep that secret for now. Until then, are you doing anything in the Toronto area?

victor w

Kevin Klazek
21-Dec-2007, 18:19
Sounds great Rob. Nothing better than Algonquin in the winter (well maybe the summer, fall, or spring!!!). I will plan to meet up with you that weekend for some 8x10 fun in the snow.


Andrew O'Neill
22-Dec-2007, 15:10
Hey, where's your Harrison tent?

25-Dec-2007, 08:54
I have an opportunity to go up to Algonquin Park in mid-February. What kind of climatic conditions should I expect? Clothing?

Sandy King

Kevin Klazek
25-Dec-2007, 11:54
Sandy if you look at Rob's picture above, that is pretty much what to expect. Check http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/ for details on the park and current weather. It can get VERY cold at times so dress for the coldest weather so that you can always remove some layers if it is warmer. It is truly a wondrous place all year round.


Fred Braakman
26-Dec-2007, 13:59
Hi Rob,
I am thinking of driving up to Algonquin tomorrow, since I spent Christmas with my daughter and son-in-law, and grandson in TO. Is there a good location in the park that one can shoot at, not too farfrom the car?

I am also planning a trip to the Jacobsville area, but i am not too sure about the roads around there in winter, since they are gravel, and snow is expected. Have you been in that area in winter?




27-Dec-2007, 23:12
Hi Rob,
I would be interested in this also but I would just camp in my tent. Is that what you have in mind? For all of the times that I have flown over it I have never actually visited Algonquin and I have wanted to for a long time. Having a guide avail is too much to pass up. : )

Tim R

Fred L
28-Dec-2007, 06:45
Just an fyi folks, Mew Lake (presume yer camping there Rob) is a winterized campground. Heated comfort station and electrical sites. If one had a campervan and an extension cord...;)

Lots of opportunities to plonk down your sticks around Mew and pull a few darkslides. Should be a great w/e if you get more snow.

Robert Skeoch
28-Dec-2007, 09:28
I think you're right Fred.
I plan to camp at Mew Lake, I think it's the only camp area opened this time of the year. I do have a winter tent, but plan to cheat... I'm going to run a cord to a small space heater in the tent.
Washrooms are heated and most of the other people in the park will either be staying in a heated Yurt or a hard top trailer. It's a great time of the year but cold for sure... I would expect the nights to dip around -30. Hopefully warm up during the day.
What to wear... I just put everything I own on.... just kidding but you do need a few layers for sure. Plus I sleep with hat/gloves on. You need 2 or 3 pairs of gloves... plus a wood tripod is not as cold as metal.
Depending on the day I would expect to hike out to the bridge over the river on the Mew Lake trail... about 20 minutes if the snow is not fresh.
Also check out High Falls back on the highway near Bracebridge... I haven't seen it in winter before.
I plan to bring snowshoes and scout around for a while... I don't know the area real well in winter but am sure to find something.

Fred L
28-Dec-2007, 10:22
Oxtongue Rapids would be great as well but it's a snowmobile trail and a bit of a walk in from 60. High Falls is a great spot year round, especially if you can approach from the bottom in the summer.

Have a great time Rob !

Robert Skeoch
27-Jan-2008, 13:51
Please let me know if you're planning on attending this gathering.... just trying to work out the details.

9-Feb-2008, 13:36
Oh, how I wish I can be there. I have been camping up there in the winter almost every year until I moved south last year:(

I normally head out either on the snow shoe path along the Minnesing Trail or cross country ski on the trail it self. 45 is the biggest format I can haul out there along with camping gears...

Have fun and do share pix's or pic's:D

Mark McCarvill
12-Feb-2008, 16:28
I couldnít make it but I'm curious to know how the weekend went, and whether anyone has pics to share.

I plan to head up in late February / early March and would be interested in any tips on winter photography in Algonquin, including some good spots for snowshoeing / photography. Are the hwy 60 trails a good place to start?


Robert Skeoch
13-Feb-2008, 13:51
Well it didn't really work out how we thought.

In the winter I shoot ski racing most weekends but that was an open weekend which is why I planned it for then.

At the last minute one of the races was rescheduled and I had to work. I'm not sure if the other guys made it up north or not.

This past weekend a friend who was camping in the park called me up and asked it I could join him for a couple days this week.... so I went up Sunday after work and stayed until Tuesday night.

The weather was great but real cold.... -29 the one night. I shot a bit with 120 film but didn't end up doing any LF.... just too cold to spend as much time outside as I would have liked.

I haven't souped the film yet.


Fred L
13-Feb-2008, 17:52
Which mf rig are you using Rob ?

Robert Skeoch
13-Feb-2008, 19:31
I just took in my rollei tlr... although I find it hard to use handheld so I tend to carry a tripod a lot.