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20-Dec-2007, 16:58
Hi all. I just received in the mail my new (to me) 2D and with my limited experience in large format, have a question as pertains to the aging of these fine beasts.

I took the back off to have a look at the inside of the bellows and low and behold, there's hundreds of little white flaky things in there! At first I thought it was mold, but the don't look like they're adhering to the bellows; I've got the camera outside on the patio with the back off for it to air out a little; does anyone have any idea what these things might be? They're about 2 to 3 mm long, of varying widths, no more than 3 mm wide.

I know this is a bit of an odd question to ask here, but I've never seen anything like this and since I have no idea what it could be, I thought I'd ask around before trying to do anything about it.

Thanks for any advice you might have.


Gene McCluney
20-Dec-2007, 17:05

20-Dec-2007, 17:51
lol...I don't think so Gene, it's 55 degrees here in CA. Looking at them again they're even smaller than I was mentioning, maybe 1mm long.

I realize that it's probably considered a stupid question, but I wanted to make sure that there wasn't some horrible, bellows-eating disease that everyone but me knows about.

Turner Reich
20-Dec-2007, 18:17
What color are they? What they are is the material on the inside of the bellow that has disintegrated and have flaked off. You might clean up the mess but check to see if the bellows is light tight. It's problematic though, is the camera in good condition? If it needs a refurb on the finish and the bellows are shot then get a new bellows and work on the camera finish and repair any damaged wood, not the small dents of honor but any torn or broken wood.

It's a nice camera, especially if you have the extension rail, it's well worth the effort. Good luck

20-Dec-2007, 18:37
The camera seems like it's in good condition (relatively speaking). The flakes are white, and I was honestly surprised to see something like this on the inside. I would have expected them to be the same color as the bellows, if anything.

It was a nice pickup, the wood and metal of the camera seem to be in good shape, and it came with the extension rail and the sliding tripod block. I have to be honest, I'd originally bought the camera because it came with 4 lenses, including a Commercial Ektar 10" (which is the one I really wanted) and my plans were to sell the camera, ans I wanted the lenses for my 8x10 2D. But I'm likin' the size of 5x7, so maybe I'll pick up some film and see if the 4 holders that came with it are light-tight.

I may have gotten my 4th LF camera to sell, but something tells me the Osaka 4x5 is the one that will go on the block... :)

Michael Graves
20-Dec-2007, 18:52
Did they wiggle?

Jan Pedersen
20-Dec-2007, 18:54
The 5x7 2-D is a great camera, mine is a keeper no matter how many other cameras i may end up with. There should be a serial number on the left side just below the ground glass, mine is 347xxx and that should date it to around 1940
If yours still have the red bellow it is most likely the original.
Now idea about the critters, could it be small larvas?

20-Dec-2007, 19:08
They don't look lively; I believe that if they are living organisms, they must be colonies of some type of mold or fungus, which probably doesn't bode well for the lens that's on the camera. I'm going to clean up the lenses and the camera body tomorrow;

I'll post pics before I clean everything, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to stir up billions of mold spores, my asthma is bad enough with all the pollen around here...

This was the auction. I apologize if it's improper for me to post the link here...


20-Dec-2007, 19:12
Incidentally, anyone know where I can get a retaining ring for a #4 Acme Synchro shutter? That's what the Commercial Ektar is mounted in....

Vick Vickery
20-Dec-2007, 19:38
Think I'd use a vaccum with a brush attachment on the white critters! Suck 'em into a bag instead of sending them flying!

20-Dec-2007, 20:46
Could it be wax or Dubbin or some such treatment to the leather that has flaked with movement over the years.

Brian Ellis
20-Dec-2007, 22:37
I have no idea what the white things are but you paid an unbelievably low price for all this stuff. Congratuations, I don't know why this kind of thing never happens to me when I buy on ebay. I had an 8x10 2D for a while. It's a really nice camera. I missed front tilt so Richard Ritter added front tilt at a cost of about $250.

Turner Reich
20-Dec-2007, 23:54
Brian, how did Richard add the front tilt, did he cut the front standard supports? I too have a 5x7 2D and an 8x10 2D, with extensions. Mine looked like Paul's on the outside but came with a new bellows, which the seller didn't even mentioned, I was blown away. I refinished the exterior and it looks close to the day it was made.

By the way, the 10" Kodak Commercial is a great lens. I just tested mine on the 8x10 and it's fantastic. I have the 8, 10, and 14 inch Kodak Commercial's. Really great lenses, the 14" is great for portraits. The 10" will be perfect for the 5x7 also. I really like the portability and large size negative of the 5x7, I'm a pro 5x7 user.

21-Dec-2007, 03:56
Thanks Brian. I was really happy to get all this for the price I paid. My 2D 8x10 actually has the front standard cut and a metal u-bracket holding the lensboard in place, and allows for front tilt and swing, but the person who did the job (Not Mr. Ritter) did a half-a**ed job with it, and it's tough to lock down any movements. Makes it really tough to maintain any degree of tilt.

I've even thought of putting everything I own on the chopping block and trying to raise enough money to get an 8x10 Ebony or Canham, but I think I'm a long way off from that point.

Thanks for all the help, everyone. I think Mr. Turner Reich is correct (I hope) and that it's just flakes from the inside of the bellows.

In any event, if my unfortunate demise is brought about through exposure to them, my better half has been instructed to try and sell the camera through this site, so I know it will find a good home somewhere. :)

Brian Ellis
21-Dec-2007, 15:19
"Brian, how did Richard add the front tilt, did he cut the front standard supports? "

I'm embarassed to say I don't really remember exactly how he did it. In my usual 8x10 love/hate fashion, I sold the camera not long after he made the modification and only used the new front tilt a few times.

Drew Bedo
22-Dec-2007, 17:03
Hello Paul.

Regarding that retaining ring: In my experience here are only three kinds of retaining rings; Too large, Too Small and Wrong Thread! I really like my 2-D, its an 8x10 and its on the front page of my website. I did refinish mine about ten years ago and had a good time doing it. Wish I had the correct extension rail though. I wish you well with yours.

Drew Bedo

22-Dec-2007, 22:32
Drew, I really enjoyed your site. Beautiful work!

30-Dec-2007, 18:54
mine is 347xxx and that should date it to around 1940

My 2D 5x7 is a 118xxx and now I'm wondering how old it is. Where did you find your serial number information?


31-Dec-2007, 12:37
I too bought a 2D with lots of assessories a few months ago. It was mint, no white in the inside! I already had a Crown no. 4 tripod, so kept the new one (the whole camera looks new) and auctioned the less nice one. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1329/1393839858_0b6c34fa0b_o.jpg

I didn't know about the serial numbers, I just looked and don't see one. I looked under the back, on the back, inside the back.... Where is it? And I'd like to know where the dates lookup is too.

my best,

Jan Pedersen
31-Dec-2007, 14:38
My 2D 5x7 is a 118xxx and now I'm wondering how old it is. Where did you find your serial number information?

Alan, i thought i had it saved under my favorites but not so. Will continue to search and post it when i find it.
Remember that it was a pretty comprehensive listing of old cameras not just the 2-D

Bernard Kaye
31-Dec-2007, 16:57
Put all of it in sunlight to kill fungus; taking care to not let sunshine into lens that will act as a magnifying lens and start a fire which could happen quickly. Sunlight kills fungus. Bernie