View Full Version : Replacing Master Technika Bellows

Arne Norris
19-Dec-2007, 16:48
I just posted my Master Technika for sale. It's a great camera. but needs the bellows replaced. If I end up keeping the camera, I am going to want to replace the bellows myself to save on needing to ship the camera off to Martin at Marfex (and also to save some money).

I was going to follow the instructions found elsewhere on the Large Format site, which seems relatively easy if you are mechanically inclined, which I am.

I'll either use a Linhof bellows or order a bellows from Camera Bellows in the UK.

Has anyone had any experience doing a replacement on the MT? Anything to watch out for? Any advice or shared experiences would be appreciated.

19-Dec-2007, 17:59
I was told by my repairman that it's straightforward but tricky. Doing it yourself will definitely save a bundle.

20-Dec-2007, 06:41

While I haven't replaced my bellows myself, I did use a bellows purchased from Camera Bellows in the UK. It's indistinguishable from the original bellows, and a fair bit cheaper too.

I sent my MT in for service last year, and included the bellows with the package so they could install it. So, if your MT is ready for service, why not do the same thing?

20-Dec-2007, 06:46
I replaced the bellows on my 5x7 Technika, which is probably about the same. It was very simple, about a 15-minute job.

Arne Norris
20-Dec-2007, 15:19
Did those of you who replaced their bellows on a Super Technika or Master Technika use the instructions found on the LF site or find some other source of instructions?

21-Dec-2007, 06:45
The bellows from Camera Bellows came with instructions.