View Full Version : Seal 500T pressure adjustment?

Herb Cunningham
19-Dec-2007, 16:18
I got a big ol Seal 500T dry mount press, no instructions, but when I go to adjust the two knobs on top of the big bar that runs across the top, it defys my small intuition- it appears to raise and lower the bar, but, having no way to measure clamping force, I am confused as to whether to have the knobs all the way out or all the way in.

I have had some wrinkly AZO single weight prints, and would appreciate any help here.

Bob Salomon
19-Dec-2007, 16:24
Seal presses were not pressure presses. Ademco ones were. When you dry mount with the Seal press you heat the print/mount/tissue sandwich in the press but the final, actual adhesion is obtained under a weight outside the press. The Ademco system used direct pressure to adhere the print/mount/tissue sandwich.

I believe those knobs adjust spacing more then clamping force.

Blacky Dalton
19-Dec-2007, 16:25
A quick search turned up this:


B. Dalton

Eric Woodbury
19-Dec-2007, 17:25
Seal presses apply some pressure as you can tell when the lever arm comes down. I wouldn't mess with those adjusters on top, however. If your rubber mat under the platten is in good shape, then it may be okay. If you need more pressure, take out the rubber mat and put a piece of masonite under it. My 210 came that way. You can also clamp your print between additional sheets of mat board for a little more pressure. It will take additional time to heat the tissue this way. Be sure to run tests.

Have you called Seal?

19-Dec-2007, 20:06
B. Dalton nailed it. I've got a 210M. Summary of my owners manual (also covers your 500T):

Pressure is correct when the press is closed -- but not clamped down -- and the lever arms are at a 45 degree angle to the bottom of the press. Just look at the press from the side. To adjust the pressure, close and lock/clamp the press; then the two locking nuts at the top of the press will turn freely.

Unlock the press but keep it closed. Place what you normally mount inside the press (like a normal mat board sandwich). Turn the screws -- not the locking nuts -- clockwise to lower the arms and decrease pressure, or counterclockwise to raise the arms and increase pressure. Adjust until the arms are both at 45 degrees. Lock/clamp the press, and retighten the locking nuts.

Herb Cunningham
20-Dec-2007, 10:07
Thanks guys. The press does not have the 45 degree capability like the 210 does.

The arms do no lock down like the 210, but rely on the weigh of the levers to make enough pressure. The advice on turning the screws will work, I think.

Herb Cunningham
20-Dec-2007, 10:37
I just went by a local framing shop. He has a 500T and lo and behold, the arms are at 45 degrees. I see that I must get some Viagra for the thing.

Probably easier to make the adjustments.

Thanks for the help.