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18-Dec-2007, 10:27
I just picked up an early 'pathfinder' polaroid 110 in immaculate shape. Every time I look at the lens it surprises me - such good condition. Anyways, I am busy converting it over to a 4x5 with a graflok back and believe it or not, it is damn easy. Anyways, when I bought it, someone had taken the rangefinder off. The cam for it is still intact and I was wondering if anyone had one laying around they would like to sell? Mine has the Wollensak 127 f4.5 on it.

As an aside, since I am busy converting this, I thought that I would do something with the extra space in the camera on the left where the spool would go and have decided that I will turn that into a flask. Im going to get a filler neck machined and use an old film advance knob for the cap - no one will know the better.

Dave Parker
18-Dec-2007, 11:54
Now, there is something you could patent! a Boozer Camera, what a way to keep warm on them cool winter days of handholding!



Ala James Bond spy camera! Shaken, not stirred!

Glenn Thoreson
18-Dec-2007, 12:26
I made my mod so that the area on the left stil has a little door and the compartment will hold a spare roll of film. Mine is a 120 conversion using a Graflex 3X4 - 6X9 roll film holder permanently attached to the back of the Poladoid. Shaken, not stirred - that's funny! :D

Frank R
18-Dec-2007, 14:13
I might have one for you; let me look when I get home today. I bought a beater for its lens.
The 110 is a nice solid camera but your graflok will block the rangefinder window. You may need to use an extension tube like a Speed Graphic rangefinder. And you will have to modify the graflok to allow access to that tube. It may be easier to modify a 110A or 110B.

19-Dec-2007, 00:22
You know, I didn't think about the back blocking the rangefinder. Honestly, its not a huge deal to me, I got this camera for a song so im just going to run with it and see what I can do to make it work. If Im going to do critical work, Ill just use the GG, otherwise, Ill just shoot 'from the hip' and use the distance scale on the camera. I do think that the flask inside will be a hit.

I can't wait till someone sees me tip the camera up into my mouth and asks me 'what the hell are you doing?' I guess my response will be 'just adjusting my focus.'

Yeah, that'll work.