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john wilton
18-Dec-2007, 00:12
Have acquired a Dagor Series III 9-1/2" in Compound on ebay. It has a number of issues:

1. Diaphragm is stiff but usable. Does it hurt anything to work it when it is stiff?

2. Strange cable release socket...it is unthreaded, and has a locking screw. The screw is bent. Any ideas on finding a replacement screw, and a suitable cable release?

3. The aperture scale markings are 2.9 4 8 16 32 64 128. Obviously this lens did not come in this shutter originally! However, what is the likelihood that the spacing is correct? I have ordered a lensboard, but don't yet have a way of looking at image on gg or taking a test photo.

4. Shutter has a few usable speeds: 100=instantaneous (will measure, sounds like 1/50); 50=1/4; 25=1.5; slower speeds verrry slow and erratic; B OK; T requires MBT lever to be moved away from T to close shutter. Can use it as is, will get a CLA if lens is a good performer.

Lens is marked "GOERZ DAGOR F: 6.8 SERIES III No 4 FOCUS 9 1/2 IN. No 310277". Approximately where would it fit into the Dagor history?

Ole Tjugen
18-Dec-2007, 01:53
That's a very old Compound!

The aperture scale is correct - but it's marked in US, not f-stops. US 16 is f:16, US 8 is f:11, and so on.

That cable release socket is a modified air release socket. The stop screw has been added to be able to use a mechanical cable release.

I suggest getting a CLA. If that shutter has paper aperture leaves, working a stiff aperture might damage them.

Sorry, that lens was made by Goerz US and I have no idea of what age that serial number indicates. ;)

Mark Sampson
18-Dec-2007, 06:43
Look in the 'lenses' page on the front of this site for some Goerz serial#s and manufacture dates.

john wilton
18-Dec-2007, 14:08
Ole, thanks for the info. I tried gaffertaping a blower bulb to the release outlet; it works! Based on the table mentioned by Mark the lens was made in 1911, so chances are the shutter came with the lens, and a CLA would be worthwhile.

Gene McCluney
18-Dec-2007, 17:14
The hose and bulb style of shutter release seems to be the standard for pre-1920's lenses. I wonder when the clockwork shutter manufacturers started equipping their shutters for the more modern cable release?

Ernest Purdum
19-Dec-2007, 11:31
Deckel, the Compound maker, changed from air to cable socket in 1911.

john wilton
19-Dec-2007, 12:00
Any tips on finding a suitable bulb and tube?

Ernest Purdum
20-Dec-2007, 10:58
Sure, I'll send you one no charge. How much tubing do you want?

john wilton
20-Dec-2007, 19:17
Ernest, thanks for offer, but I took shutter in for CLA today; repairman will see if he can fit an adapter nut for a conventional cable release. If it doesn't work out, I'll pm you.