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Scott King
17-Dec-2007, 22:10
From the EMS website it looks like my rig is clearing customs in San Francisco. Thought I might get a jump on things and order a quick release plate. Have any of you Chamonix owners installed Really Right Stuff quick release plates? Looks like the B29 or the MPR-1 will work. From the pictures over at Jack's website it look a B29.

Thoughts or opinions?

Scott King
Austin, Texas

18-Dec-2007, 09:56

I can't help with the RRS plate. I am glad to hear that there will be a Chamonix right here in Texas. Please keep the rest of us Texan 4x5 users informed of your experience with the Chamonix.

For what it's worth, I'm using a RSS B35 plate on my Speed Graphic.

18-Dec-2007, 10:37
I guess their will be 2 in teXas as I am expecting mine soon... Maybe we should have a Austin-Houston shoot out ;~)

18-Dec-2007, 10:54
Way cool! Maybe I can actually see one!

18-Dec-2007, 14:32
I guess their will be 2 in teXas as I am expecting mine soon... Maybe we should have a Austin-Houston shoot out ;~)
So there must be at least a state with no Chamonix cameras :D

Eric James
18-Dec-2007, 15:23
So there must be at least a state with no Chamonix cameras :D

You mean, besides the state of despair?

Scott, I plan to try out the B35 as soon as my 45N-1 arrives - I'll report back...

18-Dec-2007, 17:54
I just installed a Kirk Enterprises PZ-36 on mine -- when I originally ordered it I asked them to install an extra screw and include a 1/4" bushing.

Works great.


18-Dec-2007, 18:04
So the chamonix has a 1/4 hole ?

18-Dec-2007, 18:19
One of each -- particularly nice for the QR plates, no twisting.


Scott King
18-Dec-2007, 19:57
Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm going to try the B29 and will report back with pics once installed.

Glad to see other Texans roaming around here!

18-Dec-2007, 22:48

I have a bunch of the B27 Hasselblad plates sitting around.

19-Dec-2007, 12:06
Mine just arrived and the plate that comes with a 410 head fits perfect with both size screws in at once, no twisting.

Scott King
19-Dec-2007, 22:29
Well USPS and EMS came through for me today and delivered one sweet camera! I found an extra RRS B86 (3.4" long and 1/4" screw) laying around the studio and mounted it.

Works fine but I think I'm going follow Mr. James and eventually go with a B35 and take advantage of both receptacles.

Pictures to follow.

20-Dec-2007, 05:29
I'm using a generic plate I bought for multiple cameras that don't have custom plates available. It has some inset rubber pads and the plate is very secure. I bought a few from a guy on ebay that machines them himself, although I don't see his stuff these days. I think just about any flat plate would work fine, although, I'd like to have something longer to be able to shift the center of gravity, so the MPR-1 looks like it might be a nice option.


Steve Goldstein
20-Dec-2007, 10:09
I use the MPR-73 on my Shen-Hao HZX-45II with the lever-operated RRS clamp mounted on the ballhead - sorry, but I don't remember the model. A minor issue with this setup is that the MPR has a couple of allen-head bolts on the bottom that are meant as slide stops, but since the MPR is shorter than the clamp, the bolts prevent proper seating in the clamp. They're easily removed, but now you lose the slide stop if that's important to you. In retrospect I should have had the brains to order the next longer MPR, it was only a few dollars more.


Oh, and the MPR has plenty of slottage so you can use two bolts to avoid twisting.

Eric James
20-Dec-2007, 11:43
The B35 will work well but you'll need to order a reducing bushing - and you'll notice, so will I.

David R Munson
23-Aug-2012, 16:57
Thread resurrection time! Thought I'd add my info to this thread rather than start a new thread just for an FYI sort of thing.

http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8430/7847626688_8b6d6ba777_c.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidrmunson/7847626688/)
QR Plate (http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidrmunson/7847626688/) by David R Munson (http://www.flickr.com/people/davidrmunson/), on Flickr

A 4" lens plate from Hejnar Photo (no affiliation, just happened to get mine from him), or any equivalent thereof, should work very well with anyone's Chamonix. If you get a plate like this with a long slot and two screws, all you need is a reducing bushing and you can use both screws at once, making it super-secure and guaranteed not to rotate.

23-Aug-2012, 17:45
I used a Giottos MH-649 on my Chamonix. $35.

younghoon Kil
1-Jan-2016, 09:57

RRS MPR-1 multi purpose 152mm rail.