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ashley mackevicius
17-Dec-2007, 03:50
My first posting so sorry if this question has been answered before. Having been a professional shooter for some 30 years I have accumulated an embarrassing number of camera bags and cases. But, having just purchased a Sinar F to do some field work nothing seems to fit ! All my current cases are too shallow (Lowepro) or are too big and bulky ( pelican, road cases etc ). I just want to cart the body a couple of lenses, 3 to 4 dark slides, meter etc. I'm not hiking into the wild blue yonder either. Just from the car to the location - 3 to 4 miles max. Can anyone help ?

keith english
17-Dec-2007, 06:40
Don't know about the dimensions of the Sinar, but with a field camera I have been happy with the Naneu Pro Goombah. Has wheels and a pull handle, plus backpack straps, will fit on airline overheads, and plenty of pockets with configurable inside dividers.

Dave Henry
17-Dec-2007, 15:55
If you take the two standards off the rail, everything will lay flat in just about any backpack. I've had several students over the years do this and it works just fine. This is actually a great way to do location work as the controls (tilts, swings etc.) are easier than with most field cameras. Just don't try to go too far away.

I like shooting that way as well. I've shot this way all this year - from the car. I have an F1 and I bought a Sinar/Linhof adapter so now I only have one set of lenses on Linhof boards to use on both cameras. They are easier to backpack with than the large Sinar boards.

I still use a field camera for longer hikes and backpacking trips.

Good luck.

Ron Marshall
17-Dec-2007, 16:06
You can detach one end of the bellows and then fold the two standards inwards on top of one another.

Alternatively, you can push both standards together on a 6" rail.

With either method an ordinary, backpack works fine.

ashley mackevicius
17-Dec-2007, 18:50
Thanks for the info. If I fold down the standards which of the Lowepro backpaks would work.