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16-Dec-2007, 04:27
About to try developing Tri x 4x5 with HC 110 dilution B with a Jobo CPE2 plus
processor. Always used tray development. I am not quite sure on the times to use
with the processor.


Bruce Watson
16-Dec-2007, 07:14
About to try developing Tri x 4x5 with HC 110 dilution B with a Jobo CPE2 plus processor. Always used tray development. I am not quite sure on the times to use with the processor.

I tried this years ago (previous generation of Tri-X) with a 3010 tank and a CPP-2. Should be roughly comparable. In the end I was using the slowest rotation speed I could get (about 30 rpm), 20C indicated (my system might be a tad high, maybe 20.5C in reality). At this HC-110B was impossible to control. Unprintably dense negatives even at 5.0 minutes. With and without a presoak. Even when I doubled dilution to HC-100H, 5.0 minutes was too long. I couldn't get density under control -- my Zone VIII density was still over 1.3.

What I did then was switch to XTOL 1:3. Much easier to use. Under the same conditions I get a time of around 6.5 minutes with a Zone VIII density just a little higher than 1.0 (I'm scanning the film, so this is my target). As an unexpected bonus XTOL 1:3 gives me 2/3 stop higher EI than the HC-110H did. And I'll take a 2/3 stop real speed increase any day!

My point is, using XTOL you have the flexibility of N- and N+ processing. With HC-110 and a Jobo, you can't really do any N- work.

Ron Bose
16-Dec-2007, 09:13

The dev times can be found on the Kodak website and are marked 'for Rotary Tubes'.


look at page 6 ...

This has worked for me on my CPP ...

Joseph O'Neil
17-Dec-2007, 07:17
You should search the archives, I've posted my times before, but here goes:

- Tri-x or HP%+, 4x5 sheet film;
- exposed at 200 ISO/ASA;
- using Jobo 2500 series tanks and reels on a Unicolour base or hand rolled, continous agitation;
- 4 or 5 minute water presoak;
- take 10 ml of pure HC-110 syrup and mix well with 600ml of distilled water. This is half strength of Dil-B. Dil-B on HC-110 will blow out any B&W film, any format. Waaaaay to much.;
- at 20C or 68F, i use a base time of 9 minutes - your mileage may vary, but also depending on what I want to highlight or lowlight or push or pull or whatever, I have varied my times from 8 to 10 minutes;
- water stop for a minute, then fix and wash as per normal.

A couple of other thoughts. It's not hard at all to get used to pouring straight syrup out of the HC-110 bottle, not hard at all, just make sure you mix it well. Secondly, I found that with X-tol especially, I always had to use distilled or filtered water to get good results, and while developers like HC-110 or Rodinal or pretty sturdy in that you can use even dirty water and get an image, I find it is good practice to make sure your develoepr water is free from chlorine and minerals. Fixing and washing is different matter altogether.

Also, while i love HC-110, I personally have come to the conclusion that for good images on any B&W film, any format, Dilution-B is brain dead. HC-110 is too powerful, too quick, and it will blot out everything on you. You can get great tonality and great contrast all the same time with HC-110, but you have to slow the stuff down. Try a weaker solution and see how it works

John Kasaian
17-Dec-2007, 15:15
What grumpy & miserable said! ;) I used to use dil.B but switched to d-76 :D

arthur berger
17-Dec-2007, 19:23
I have gotten nice results with HC110 and 4x5 Tri-x rated at 160. I develop in a Jobo at 70 degrees F. Rotation 3, for 7 minutes at a dilution of 1 part stock to 16 parts water. I use a 5 minute pre-wash. The stock is made with distilled water and kept in four 16 ounce brown bottles.