View Full Version : Lab for Full Size Dupes of 4x5 Transparencies

Michael Lee
29-Nov-2000, 22:56
I realize that this question falls into the "shopping" category but I haven't be en able to find much in the way of info on the subject either here or at photo.n et. The question is this. Can anyone recommend a lab for high quality 4x5 duplicates of 4x5 transparencies ? Thanks for your help.

William Leviit
30-Nov-2000, 05:31
Have you tried making your own? I've made many a dup by placing the orgional on a light table and shot it with the 4X5 using EPN Ektachrome film. The EPN is a "softer" film which helps because of the typical increase in contrast when making a dup. Use a black mat to cover the rest of the light table to prevent flair.

John H. Henderson
30-Nov-2000, 09:34
I was going to pose a question asking if anyone had made duplicates of transparencies by shooting one on a light table. Seems it would work if the light is a correct color.

But I was thinking more along the lines of making 35mm prints from 4x5 transparencies for when the convenience and cost of 35mm is important and I don't need the resolution of 4x5. (E.g., wanting to get Christmas cards made with one of my 4x5 photos.)

Larry Huppert
30-Nov-2000, 10:32
The folks at Repro Images in Vienna, VA seem to know what their talking about. Their phone is 800-998-3873.

Overall, I'd guess that high quality scans has reduced the need for duplicates for many people.