View Full Version : 5x7 color film?

15-Dec-2007, 16:05

B+H doesn't have 5x7 color neg film in stock. Is color 5x7 still avail? Who sells it?

Nothing on freestyle, nor badger, nor adorama, nor Helix.

Walter Calahan
15-Dec-2007, 16:37
Badger sells color transparency film, but no color negative.


15-Dec-2007, 17:57
It went out of production in 2005. It was a sad day for us 5x7 color shooters. The remaining film in the pipeline was quickly sucked up -- like, in a couple of weeks. Badger told me that people were buying 100 boxes in an order.

You can still get it from Kodak -- if you have $13k or so to spare. You have to order a special run of the film, and the minimum quantities are large.

The alternative is to cut down 8x10. However, that's a big hassle.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
15-Dec-2007, 18:16
This is what B&H says: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/260237-USA/Kodak_1355825_Portra_160NC_5x7_50_Sheets.html They claim they have it in stock.
A few weeks ago I got three 50 sheet boxes from Color Services in MA. They had been
looking fore subscribers for a minimum order for some time. Perhaps they are willing to organize something similar again. http://www.colorservicesllc.com/
We need to keep this film in the 5x7" format alive.

15-Dec-2007, 19:35
Central camera in Chicago appears to have some...5x7 Porta 160NC (http://www.centralcamera.com/Film/Large-Format-Color-Negative/Kodak-Portra-160NC-5X7/)

18-Dec-2007, 13:54
So, I have a few friends that are going to be in Europe and Asia during the Xmas break. Any idea what the European name and the Japanese name for Fuji 160s is in 5x7"? They might be able to pick some up and bring it back to me.

Justin Cormack
18-Dec-2007, 17:18
Megaperls webshop usually has everything available from Fuji domestically and they have provia, velvia 100, and velvia 100f in 5x7. Thats probably all you can get...