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15-Dec-2007, 05:27
My first posting here, though I have been reading the board for a long time. A search of the archives didn't find any answers.

I have a question about the Schneider Super Angulon XL 47mm lens. I recently purchased this lens new, and have been looking to mount a UV filter to the front to protect the lens. I have the center filter as well. The front element protrudes so much that most UV filters will come in contact with it when fully screwed in place. I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for UV filter that would fit this lens without touching the front element? Living in a rural area, with no local source, buying a large amount of filters to test and return is time consuming and expensive.

Thank you for your time!


Bob Salomon
15-Dec-2007, 05:44

John Brady
15-Dec-2007, 05:56
Hi Blumine,
I have the 47xl so I will give you my opinion. Are you going to use a uv with the center filter? If so are you putting the cf on and then the uv on top?

You should be able to attach any normal filter to this lens, I commonly use this lens without the cf and attach a b&w extra-wide red or orange filter. I also attach a b&w extra wide on top of the cf when the scene requires it. Those are very large 86mm.

In my opinion if you are using the cf don't use a uv. This is to fine a piece of glass to introduce inferior glass into the mix. To me it's kind of like putting vinyl covers on your new living room furniture. No one ever gets to sit on the new material. Yeah it stay looking good, but no one gets to enjoy it.

16-Dec-2007, 00:31
Hi Blumine,

If you have fears of the back of the filter coming into contact with the surface of the 47... you might do what I did on my 110XL.

I purchased a 67 - 77 mm step up ring and leave it permanently on the front of the 110. A thin version 77mm B&W UV filter then goes onto the front of the lens. This guarantees that the front of the lens-lens doesn't come into contact with the rear of the filter lens. Lastly, a lens cap goes over the 77mm UV filter.

I'm sure it can't be all that pleasant to hear the sound of the 2 lens surfaces grinding against each other the first time your ears detect it!

BTW, Bob's suggestion of the Heliopan is a good one... they're not an inexpensive filter but they're surely one of the best on the market!