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14-Dec-2007, 16:35
HI, Is there any difference between a super-anglon f9/90mm with a chrome front barrel in a 00 compur shutter mfd 1961 and a black barrel version in a copal 0 mfd 1968? I have a chance at either onethe [chrome barrel is a lot cheaper]. Any info on this will help, Thanks

Richard Kelham
14-Dec-2007, 16:40
Optically they are the same, I believe, and both are single coated. The only difference, apart from cosmetics, is that the 00 shutter is harder to get fixed if it goes wrong.


Peter K
14-Dec-2007, 17:35
The Compur 00 has no "T" function and needs a cable release to keep the shutter open.

Peter K

17-Dec-2007, 17:12
HI, Thanks for the info

3-Jan-2008, 13:19
Also the 00 shutter will have different threading for the front and rear cells, and different spacing between the cells, which means that you can't just get an adapter and stick the #00 lens in a #0 shutter if the shutter dies. Its also a pain to get 00 lensboards which may force you to make your own. If you find that you need to do so, a 1 1/16" forstner bit will cut the correct sized hole. I just made one for my 65mm f8 super angulon in a #00 compur. My particular Compur 00 has a self timer built in.

Like Peter mentioned, you've got to put the lens on bulb with a cable release to open the shutter for focusing. Annoying, but not a dealbreaker.

If I had a choice between the two and the price difference was not large, I'd opt for the #0 shutter model.