View Full Version : Rodinal for PMK Pyro anyone?

14-Dec-2007, 16:29
weird request? Maybe. Anyone who has PMK Pyro (liquid in two bottles) that they are not using? Want to trade for 3/4 bottle of rodinal? Its brown but as we all know, it is still good. I just don't want to spend close to $30 on PMK pyro just to try it. I can even throw in a box of ID-11 that I haven't used.

Let me know if interested.

Anil Bharucha

Sylvester Graham
14-Dec-2007, 17:04
That is quite a weird request. PMK is an extremely cheap developer in terms of how much the concentrate can actually make. That $30 bottle might last you years.

Well, I guess your saying you only want to try it. But I bet you'll like it.

Jim MacKenzie
15-Dec-2007, 18:21
If you can't find any other alternative, I might be persuaded to mail you a couple of small bottles of stock solution. (I just mixed up a fresh batch two weeks ago, not that it needs to be that fresh - it works the same as the 7-year-old stock solution I finished up the weekend before.) I'm sure we could work out some sort of trade.

However, you might get addicted and wish you'd gotten the larger supply. :)

PMK is nice stuff. (I refuse to call it PMK Pyro for the same reason I don't say "ATM Machine". :) )