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14-Dec-2007, 15:15
I'm going to purchase an 8x10 in the near future and I really would like a sinar. The p2 is too expensive for me but does any one know if it is possible to convert a sinar x 4x5 to 8x10? Also does anyone have any other suggestions about good 8x10 view cameras?


Daniel Unkefer
14-Dec-2007, 15:34
I have an 8x10 Sinar Norma, and IMHO it's the best camera they ever made. As precise to use as the P, and weighs only slightly more than the F (which I have been able to break).

They are fairly abundant on ebay, and not too expensive. Hard to go wrong, really.

Dennis Felty
14-Dec-2007, 16:11
I use a Sinar P2 and it is really an outstanding system. You can add an 8x10 conversion set to a Sinar F, P or P2. The 8x10 frame attaches to the Sinar standard with a set screw. The 8x10 bellows attaches to the Sinar 4x5 front standard. The Sinar F also has an 8x10 conversion option. I also use a Horseman 8x10 and this is an excellent system as well. My Horseman uses the Toyo style 8x10 back and I also have an 8x10 to 4x5 reduction back which gives excellent bellows distance and bellows spacing for 4x5 work. The 8x10 Horseman requires an 8x10 rear standard and a 4x5 front standard that is taller than the 4x5 front standard. I recently sold two Horseman 8x10s on Ebay for around $1,100 and $1,500 in excellent condition. The Sinar new price is pretty intense, about $9,000 for a Sinar P2 8x10, however I have found mint quality equipment on Ebay at a fraction of the new cost. I recently purchased a Sinar 8x10 conversion set however I think it is for a Sinar P since it works but does not quite align with the P2 front standard.

B&H has a very conprehensive catalogue on Sinar and Horseman including 8x10. Sinar info is on page 198.


Ken Lee
14-Dec-2007, 16:53
I purchased a used Sinar P with extension rail and case, for the same price as I once paid for a new Tachihara 4x5.

I also purchased a 5x7 conversion kit back and a Sinar Shutter for it.

It is all... heavenly.

David A. Goldfarb
14-Dec-2007, 17:08
Look for a used Sinar P. The P2 doesn't add much functionality that the P doesn't have, and there are P's with the metering back, if that is of interest, that only differ from the P2 in the knob arrangement for swing and tilt. The P uses one knob for both and a toggle to switch between them. The P2 has two separate knobs.

The 8x10" metering back uses a larger bellows, which is more common these days, but mine has the older smaller back and a relatively new bellows, so I don't think I'll have to replace it too soon, and I was able to find a smaller bag bellows, though I went through a couple of large ones before finding the right size.

Mark Woods
14-Dec-2007, 18:49
If you get the P, make sure you have the rear standard that will hold the 8x10 rear standard. I have a P with the 8x10 rear standard and all the conversions for 4x5 & 5x7. I love it, but it's not the best camera to get to locations very far from the car, and you need a solid tripod for the 8x10 version. Here's a shot that Asher shot of me with the camera.

Dennis Felty
14-Dec-2007, 19:54
In reading two of the previous posts I think my question might be answered. I have a Sinar 8x10 back that I think is the same as the one in Mark's photo mounted on a P2 Standard. I assume this is a P back, however it dosen't align perfectly with the front P2 standard. I also purchased a Sinar 8x10 to 4x5 reduction back recently on Ebay (This is probably the 8x10 MB to 4x5 Reducing adapter in the catalog), however it is larger than my 8x10 P back and frame. Does this mean it is for a metered back which from the post I understand is larger? Are all P2 8x10 backs the larger MB backs? This is all I see in the catalog.


David A. Goldfarb
14-Dec-2007, 20:11
Yes, the larger 8x10" back is the metering back. I think P2s come with the metering back, but since the parts are all interchangeable, it's not impossible that you could find a P that has a P2 rear standard with the smaller 8x10" format frame, back and bellows, which I think also works with the 8x10" Norma.

I also have an 8x10" to 4x5" reducing back for the smaller 8x10" back, so it does exist. If you want to shoot 4x5", the 4x5" format kit lets you use the asymmetric tilts and swings in the same way as with 8x10".