View Full Version : Arca Swiss F-Line Lensboards/Function Carriers/Rail/Etc. Questions

14-Dec-2007, 14:52
Questions for the Arca Swiss owners out there:

1) What are the more modern 171 lensboards worth? Copal 1 and Copal 3 types. They are all in excellent used condition.

2) On the function Carriers, which way is the rounded part supposed to be facing on the front and then on the back. In other words, when you look at the part that says Arca Swiss on it (see photo from Badger of the F-line Classic where it has the circular part that sticks out in front, but I cannot see where it is supposed to stick out or in on the rear part).

3) With the Telescoping Rail with the two levers, how do you unlock them or release them? I haven't figured it out just yet.

FINALLY got an AS in my hands after tons of searching. Have to say the knobs are a bit rough feeling to my hands compared to the ones I'm used to feeling on field cameras, but it's something special to have such a pretty looking kit set for conversion. Have to say the camera spells sophistication all over it. Absolutely love the looks, and it is exceptionally smooth in all aspects. Looking forward to getting the project completed so I can go have some fun.

AS to me is like the perfect blend of sophistication...almost stealth as Joe Thornton of the SJ Sharks said before last night's game where we beat the heck out of Capocheny's Canucks (hope you are reading this thread...hehehehe):):).

Cheers all and Thanks for the support as always!!!

Atul Mohidekar
14-Dec-2007, 16:57
1. Look at the Completed listings on eBay, though I'm not sure if there are any for 171mm lens board transactions in the recent past.

2. The rounded part, where Arca Swiss is written, of the front carrier faces front (away from film) and that of the rear carrier faces backward (away from the lens). This way the circular knobs for the shift movement, located on both front and rear vertical frames, are on the same side of the camera and could be operated with the right hand if you are standing behind the camera.

3. The levers are hinged to the bracket. You just press the levers towards the bracket to lock them and pull them away from the bracket to unlock them.

Good luck with the new camera.

// Atul