View Full Version : any thoughts on efke film development

riton mhilli
14-Dec-2007, 09:45
Hi all
Have anyone any experience with efke r 25 and r 50 in combination with calbe A49 1+3.Can you suggest how much I must compensate so which EI speed to use. Your help is very much appreciated
Thanks Riton

Ralph Barker
14-Dec-2007, 09:58
The Massive Developer Chart (http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.html) has suggested times for Efke films in Calbe developers. Those times should, of course, be considered as starting points for your own testing.

Christopher Breitenstein
16-Dec-2007, 15:27
It was my experience with Efke 50 and 25 (in 4x5 and 8x10) that you needed to double the recommended development time in order to get an acceptable neg.