View Full Version : Moab/Arches/Canyonlands Sept or Oct?

c marks
13-Dec-2007, 09:50

I am trying to plan out a trip to the Moab area for this next fall . Going to spend a week and hope to see some of Arches, Canyonlands, and Deadhorse Point. I have been to the area and Arches before, but it was in the spring.

The weeks I can most likely get there would be Sept 20-27 or Oct 4-11 or very outside chance of Oct 11-18, but probably one of the first two-for some reason I gotta keep a day job and these are the options :-).

Would either one of those be more preferable than the other photography wise? In other words, would any one of these be more likely to have better conditions (clouds, storms, rain, snow, etc) vs endless blue sky. I am not sure what kind of fall colors might be in the area (like on the La Sal mountains) but that is always a plus.

Thanks for any info/insight you can give!

Kirk Gittings
13-Dec-2007, 09:53
Contact Don Boyd on this forum. He knows the area better than anyone I have ever known. I went there with him a few weeks ago and his knowledge amazed me.

Alan Rabe
13-Dec-2007, 14:51
I go there about every two years or so. I prefer October. The temps are mid 70's during the day and mid 40's at night. Sunrise and sunset are at reasonable times and best of all there aren't the crowds that you get even into September. You might want to check on availablitity of motels. October is a pretty busy month in Moab. Check the events Calendar for October at http://www.moab-utah.com/redstone/. It is prety much the same each year so October 2007 will give you a good indication. So I would say book early. if you are doing B&W and you get the clear skies which is the norm in the southwest use an orange or red filter. Anything lighter will just merge the sky with the rocks in to the same shade of grey.

14-Dec-2007, 13:16
You might also try to contact Bret Edge. I don't think he shoots large format, but he lives there and provides a photography guiding service.

I've been going to Moab for about 10 years myself to jeep and mountain bike, so I know alot of the back country as well. I've always gone in the spring in the past though.

I think you'll be early for cottonwoods, but you might be able to catch aspens changing colors in the La Sals.


c marks
19-Dec-2007, 05:39
It looks like the later in the year is the better option to have colors on the La Sal Mountains and possibly snow too.