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12-Dec-2007, 21:54
Can someone post a photo of the linhof adapter
while in use on the DLC45 ?

12-Dec-2007, 23:49
David, I don't have a photo and I don't have the DLC anymore but I can kinda explain a little about the metal linhof-canham adapter thingy.

It is a simple ring of machined aluminum that fits very snugly into the front standard...where the raised ring on the back of an ordinary Canham board would fit. Even if I did have a photo, you might not even notice the adapter in place. Basically, the adapter fits completely inside the hole and simply changes the shape of the hole from roughly square to circular. The Linhof board just kinda sits out front and is held in place by the sliders on the camera. Looks kinda funny like that but it works quite well and is tiny and very light weight. Ingenious really. Using this thing is something of a commitment however because it isn't really easy to install and remove quickly - there is a set screw involved too.

Be warned that the really nice Toyo field - Linhof tech lensboard adapter doesn't really fit in the Canham very well....

Keith Pitman
14-Dec-2007, 16:15
I have a Toyo adapter (to Linhof) on my wood traditional Canham. I had to modify the latch mechanism a bit so it would close completely, but it works fine. I believe the Toyo would fit your camera as well.

14-Dec-2007, 17:54
thanks guys. i think i will just tough it out.

14-Dec-2007, 23:20
I was faced with the same dilema when I bought the Canham Wood Field....I've since changed over just about all of my lenses to the Canham lensboards...just because I like 'em. Now, If I could just find a decent Canham (Toyo) to Sinar adapter....:).

Barry Wilkinson
15-Dec-2007, 02:34
Just for information BradS,

Sinar made a Sinar to Toyo field adapter. Toyo field boards fit but the Canham do not. They are just too tight.


Tony Lakin
15-Dec-2007, 04:54
I have a Canham dlc 45 and faced the same problem, I adapted a Toyo to Technika reducing panel but it requires quite a lot of work the main problem being the sliding catches which lock the front standard on the dlc which will not operate without a fair bit of machining even then you will need some sort of implement to slide them, far from ideal, if I had known at the time that Canham made a dedicated adapter I would definately purchased that.

Hope this helps
Good luck

Ted Harris
15-Dec-2007, 08:43
The easiest thing to do is to have Keith send you a new Technika sized front standard. It's $150 for the T57/45 don't know about the DLC or if it is available. The advantage of the different standard is it gives you ore movements on wide lenses.