View Full Version : How to clean a screen?

12-Dec-2007, 13:50
The screen I have has markings from fingerprints and some darker zones from what I presume is dirt on the rough side. How can a screen be cleaned? Any tips?

It is the standard screen that comes with a Cambo ... and sure leaves me wondering about a better solution. I take it that fresnel lenses are a great add on from reading posts here. I'm sorry but I can't remember the name of the company but a post referred to a place that sells fresnel lenses to stick on the inside of the screens. Does anyone have any experience with these? How well do they work?

But first I've got to get the smudges off this one. Why the heck is a frosted piece of glass so expensive?

Peter K
12-Dec-2007, 14:24
When the ground-glass is removable without loosing the alignment, a droplet of liquid soap, a sponge and warm, not hot (!), water will do the job. Dry it with a clean cloth and remount it.

Peter K

12-Dec-2007, 15:00
Thanks Peter. I will try that tonight.

12-Dec-2007, 15:08
As Peter says, washing up liquid in warm water has worked fine for me. To be honest I'd recommend Dave's SatinSnow groundglasses, they are much nicer to work with on-camera :)

Dave Parker
12-Dec-2007, 15:25
Dawn Dishwashing liquid, a soft sponge and hot water is what we wash all of screens with before shipping them, be careful if you have grids on the screen as some of them can be washed off or scratched, but Dawn is the best grease cutting soap around, and designed to be gentle on imprints and such.

Dave Parker