View Full Version : Carl Zeiss Jana DDR 300MM tessar

Zach In Israel
12-Dec-2007, 07:34
Its here, my 300mm Carl Zeiss Jana Tessar Lens. It has some cleaning marks but it looks good. I need to get it mounted on a lens board, and find a lens cap for it. I may try to find a sinar behind the lens shutter to go with it.

Ken Lee
12-Dec-2007, 08:05
It should be superb. I have a 250mm version of the same lens, and use it whenever possible, with the Sinar shutter.

Zach In Israel
12-Dec-2007, 08:49
I need to find a way to mount the thing on my camera, as it is HUGE.

Ken Lee
12-Dec-2007, 09:16
I was able to mount a 360mm f/4.5 Heliar - also huge and heavy - but it took a trip to a local machine shop.

I had him make a spacer ring out of aluminum, and drill some holes, so that the lens will sit far enough forward, so as not to interfere with the Sinar Shutter. I had to find the right kind of screws, of the correct length. Not too hard, even for me.

In my short experience with such people, I have found them very friendly, interested, and resourceful. They have a knack of solving problems in the most direct and affordable manner. They often have pieces of spare material lying around, and all you pay for is their time. Give it a try. You need to bring all the parts. Don't try to describe things, or you may be in for a surprise when you try to fit things together.

When I get home, I will take some photos and post them. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.