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10-Dec-2007, 19:36
I ordered a lens (special) from Schneider NY Payed by card 12/07/07 Fri. about 2pm. By 4.00 it had been dispatched. Received here in Melbourne AU 11am 12/11/07 tue.

What with the Christmas rush and all that I wasn't expecting it for an other week or more. I'm still blown away with the service. Not even accompanied luggage just a parcel. Can take a week or more just to go to the next town this end.

sent UPS Int'l and arrived by FedEx

Put a whole new light on sending photo gear on ahead and collect at the depot.

Ted Harris
10-Dec-2007, 20:39

Two weeks ago I ordered a vest from Swanndri in New Zealand. Ordered and paid on Monday. Was wearing the vest on Saturday.

Gene McCluney
11-Dec-2007, 07:30
FedEx is the only shipper that cannot find my address...often packages are returned with "bad address" as reason. I get so furious.

Frank R
11-Dec-2007, 08:16
I received a camera from Hong Kong last week in two days by Fed Ex. Completely surprised me too.

keith english
12-Dec-2007, 08:43
Here in Georgia we have gotten ebay packages from Australia amazingly fast by postal service-like 3 days. FedX has also used the "can't find address" excuse several times even though they have delivered here often-I think it is an excuse when they absolutely, positively don't manage to deliver overnight.

Jim MacKenzie
13-Dec-2007, 10:32
The last package I got via FedEx had a note on the tracking: "Inclement weather has delayed this package."

Maybe our addresses are too simple in Canada, so they needed a different reason. :)