View Full Version : Ebony SV45U - Bellows for Wide Angle?

8-Dec-2007, 10:39
I'm thinking about getting an Ebony 4x5. I was considering the SV45U or TE (but let's not get into the "Asymmetrical tilts and swings" debate).

I am also considering a Schneider 72/5.6 Super Angulon XL for the camera. I want to do some wide angle landscape work.

What I wondered is will this lens be too wide for the standard bellows on an SV45U, should I be considering the wide angle bellows?


8-Dec-2007, 11:42

The SV45U comes with Universal bellows. They are bellows that have a very flexible front for the use of wide angle lenses. The SV45U can handle the 72mm with movements. The TE doesn't come with Universal bellows and would assume that it can't handle the 72mm as well as the U model. I myself had an Ebony SV45U2. Hope this helps.


Greg Lockrey
8-Dec-2007, 13:50
I have the SV45TE with using a 6x17 back that has an additional 30mm extention to the film plane I am able to use my 90mm SA but with very limited movement. After getting the universal bellows helps to make some more movements due to less stiffnes and with a recessed lens board I am able to do a lot more. I'm mentioning this since this would be very similar to what a 65mm would be like on the SV45TE with an universal bellows. I don't think there would be any additional advantage with getting the wide angle bellows specifically because of the position of the lens standard relative to the rear.

Joanna Carter
8-Dec-2007, 13:55
I use an SV45Te with the standard bellows (pleated from end to end) and have no problems using a 72mm Super Angulon XL. The only thing I would recommend is that you look at the docs on the Ebony site regarding how to raise the standards to avoid getting the baseboard in the shot. Apart from that, you shouldn't experience any significant problems.

8-Dec-2007, 15:14
Very helpful, thanks to all.

Tom Schaefer
8-Dec-2007, 16:08
I've got Ebony SV45TI in the classified section for sale
It has the universal bellows which is no problem for my
75. I'm also selling the wide angle bellows which I've used
up to a 210 with. Also included are 4 lens boards. The camera was
purchased at the View Camera Store. Call Fred and he can tell
About the Camera or Myself

Good Luck
Tom Schaefer
Miami, Fl