View Full Version : Chemicals etc. from US to UK

Tony Lakin
8-Dec-2007, 09:18
In view of recent experiences I am wondering if anyone in the UK would be interested in forming some sort of syndicate to order chemicals etc. not available here from the US I have been quoted $37 to have 20 pounds in weight shipped, while this is too much for one person to pay for a couple of items if say 4-6 of us could get together and combine our orders sharing the shipping charges?

8-Dec-2007, 09:25
Tony, there are many chemicals available in the UK, what were you after that you couldn't get an alternative to?

Tony Lakin
8-Dec-2007, 09:42
I need Glycin to produce Ansco 130 print dev. also I would like to try some of the pre-packaged developers such as Westons Amidol, many other things as well, I have done some searches on Google to no avail

kev curry
8-Dec-2007, 09:49
PM Sent