View Full Version : Lee Polarizing Glass Filter -Alternative?

Julio Fernandez
26-Nov-2000, 20:35
Ever since it came into my posession, the Lee glass polarizer was a feared acces sory: All glass, no rims to protect it and thus easy to break, and very expensi ve; It survived many field outings but today, not my home. I hate the idea of p utting money down the sink once more to buy yet another Lee polarizer. Does anyo ne know if there is such a thing as a plastic polarizer or a less expensive 100m m square, 2mm thick filter and optically good alternative?

Brian Ellis
27-Nov-2000, 00:16
I too laid out the $150 or so for the Lee polarizer and then was so afraid of breaking it that I hated to use it. I started carrying a circular glass screw in polarizer in a size equal to my largest lens diameter, with step down rings for the smaller diameter lenses.

Lloyd Chamber
27-Nov-2000, 17:13
Singh-Ray will make one to your specs, or they may have one you already like.