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6-Dec-2007, 17:49
I just received a Schneider Super Symmar 110XL and love this thing.

My favorite Hasselblad lens is a 50mm, which is about the same angle
as the 110.

I took it out and made 6 exposures this afternoon before the wind
and rain started.

I have a bunch of 72mm filters and I am wondering if these
will be wide enough to avoid vignetting once I add the step up ring.

The ss110xl is a 67mm mount

Any thoughts?

Steve Hamley
6-Dec-2007, 18:14
Likely not on 4x5 unless maybe you're shooting architecture and using extreme movements, probably on 8x10.


Brian Schall
6-Dec-2007, 18:14
It rained in Albuquerque today? I must of missed it. But then I did have to drive to Angel Fire and back today. 3+ hour drive up, 30 minute inspection, 3+ hour drive back. No one ever said state employees were efficient.

Ed Richards
6-Dec-2007, 19:07
I tried stepping up from 67-72 with my 90mm, and got worse vignetting than with 67mm filters. If you do not use much in the way of movements, you will not see it, but that would be a waste with that lens.:-)

6-Dec-2007, 19:14
So should I be looking for a few 77mm or 82mm filters?

Ed Richards
6-Dec-2007, 19:18
You could buy some proper wide angle filters, or go to something like the Lee system. On the cheap, buy some thin 67mm filters - the ones with no front threads - and see if you get vignetting. Some people can see it on the GG, but I only see it on the negative.:-(

6-Dec-2007, 20:06
I hear a lot about how good the 110 SS is, but what about the 80mm Super Symmar. Anyone using one regularly?

Brian Vuillemenot
6-Dec-2007, 23:24
I use 77 mm filters on mine and it works fine.

7-Dec-2007, 12:40
Anyone looking for one of these should check the for sale section.

eric black
7-Dec-2007, 13:04
I hear a lot about how good the 110 SS is, but what about the 80mm Super Symmar. Anyone using one regularly?

I use both regularly, in fact I just spent yesterday morning working in close quarters to some snowy scenery (any further away and trecherous footing might have killed me). I especially like both of these lenses when I shoot in the direction of the sun- they have great coatings on them.