View Full Version : use of step wedge.

Hans Berkhout
25-Nov-2000, 14:49
I'd be interested to establish a "complete" list of things one can do with a ste pwedge,or: why should one buy a stepwedge in the first place. If you have experience in this area please contribute, so this thread may be an educational tool. Questions that come to mind are : stepwedge use with films (b&w and color), an d with paper. Which stepwedge and why (which density increments). How do you proceed, please describe in some detail.

Thanks so much in advance, Hans Berkhout.

Lukas Werth
26-Nov-2000, 19:47
Well, I use step wedges all the time - the Stouffer 21 step, which is cheap and efficient. But then I am mostly practicing alternative processes. For gelatine silver, they can tell you what to expect from a certain paper, they can be used to determine density when peeping through a whole at them and at areas of the negative, and they give you a systematic understanding of tonal gradations. If you want one, buy the one from Stouffer, calibrated is not necessary.


Bill Brady
26-Nov-2000, 21:21
I use my Kodak 21 step tablet to calibrate my computer/scanner. That way I can use it for a densitometer, uncalibrated of course, but better than using a newspaper.