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Dick Hilker
6-Dec-2007, 07:32
As a result of the extreme shortage of new Quick-Load holders (I wonder why that persists), I bid on a used holder on eBay and was delighted to win it for about half the price of a new one. Circumstances prevented me from using it for a while and, after recently shooting a dozen Astia sheets and getting a dozen blanks back from the lab, discovered that when the covers were assumedly being removed from the film for exposure, the whole unit was actually being pulled out because the retaining clips failed to hold the film in the holder. I've asked the seller to respond, but haven't heard from him yet.

In the meanwhile, I again went shopping and, as you probably know, all the usual cupboards were bare -- except for Calumet who had a grand total of two in stock. They now have one less, but if you need one that's the place to go -- at least for the moment!

6-Dec-2007, 11:23
Jeff at Badger just got some also (and similar to Calumet now has one less).

Gordon Moat
6-Dec-2007, 11:25
Did you try stripping down the old Quickload holder? If there is a clip stuck in the bottom, then it will never hold onto a new packet. It is something easy to check. Besides, if it really is broken, you will not break it more by opening it up.


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Nathan Potter
6-Dec-2007, 11:58
Gordon, I also found a clip stuck in one of my Quickloads on a few occasions recently. The last time I took the thing apart in the field a few small pieces fell out on the ground and were lost. After reassembling (without the pieces) I've used the holder frequently without any further difficulty. It has worked faultlessly for 3 months now. Must have something to do with the pieces I lost - I think they may have been some sort of small springs or clips. Kind of strange!

Nate Potter

Ted Harris
6-Dec-2007, 12:25
There was also a bad batch of Astia film about 18 months ago .... did waht the OP says

Dick Hilker
7-Dec-2007, 07:17
Thanks for all the good advice! If I don't hear from the seller in a few days, I'll take it apart and see if a retained clip's the problem. Probably a good idea to have a couple of holders anyway -- just in case.

Any tricks to taking it apart?

7-Dec-2007, 07:45
It happens to me more once, to have a clip stuck inside the holder, resulting in several unexposed negatives.
To check it, shake the holder and you will hear metallic noise. To remove the clip, push the back inside, turn the holder upside down and the clip should slip out.

Dick Hilker
8-Dec-2007, 09:41
Well, I followed your suggestions and disassembled the holder. As you suspected, the clip was there. Unfortunately, the same thing happened again and no amount of adjusting the retaining springs seems to help -- guess I need that new one after all!:(

Thanks again for all your help!

9-Dec-2007, 13:12

You didn't mention if it was a Kodak or Fuji holder. I have both but except for a couple of occasions have used the Kodak holder exclusively. On a couple or 3 to 5 occasions I have had the clip remain in the holder. One time was when I inserted the film in the wrong direction and the rest was from not removing the sheet correctly: After you expose the sheet, bring the envelope in and gently work it around to insert the tab over the cardboard and then gently pull the envelope out while grasping the sheet with the thumb and forefinger in the envelopes slot prodived for that purpose and releasing the release. I've never had a problem doing it like that; only when I didn't.

BTW, I have since switched to Toyo film holders. Its WAY cheaper, holds the film more securely and you can back-pack with 50 or 100 sheets much more comfortably and far less bulk than with 50 or 100 readyloads: 3 or 4 holders and a Harrison change tent strapped to the outside of the pack.

Greg Miller
13-Dec-2007, 13:01
I used to have this problem but only very intermittently. I finally figured out that the the clip was coming off inside the viewer when I had the film facing the wrong direction (lens side facing back). Since then I have paid more attention to what I am doing and have never had a clip come off again.

13-Dec-2007, 13:15
I have had clips come off in both Kodak and Fuji holders. I have never had a problem with my Polaroid holder which works for both Kodak and Fuji readyloads unlike the other two which seem to require you to be brand specific to minimize problems.

Jason Miguel
13-Dec-2007, 15:47
I second the use of a polaroid holder. Never had an issue with mine. Good stuff!

14-Dec-2007, 16:24
Neither the Kodak or Fuji holders are brand specific - each works well with either brand. I use the Kodak holder because...well because that's the one I started using. Although I never used the Polaroid holder, I'm sure that it works as well as the others but it's bulkier and heavier.

22-Dec-2007, 18:08
I was at Fotocare this week and they had 6-8 of the quickload holders in stock.
I think they are $125 each.

23-Dec-2007, 00:20
It seems to me that I have read somewhere in these forums that the polaroid holder does not hold the film as flat the other holders as the back is not spring loaded like the Fuji and Kodak holders. Is this not a problem, is focus as even with the polaroid holder as with the others? I also was not aware that the Fuji or Kodak holders could be used for the competitors film--is this too a myth? If so, it would eliminate the need for multiple holders, which would certainly be pleasant.

23-Dec-2007, 01:49
I've used the Polaroid 545i for all three types of film and it works flawlessly...

23-Dec-2007, 02:38
I also was not aware that the Fuji or Kodak holders could be used for the competitors film--is this too a myth? If so, it would eliminate the need for multiple holders, which would certainly be pleasant.

Yep, it's a myth all right. Fuji QL's work in a Kodak holder and Kodak film works in the Fuji holder.

As far as film flatness, I don't think any of the QL types hold film anywhere near as flat as regular film holders - the kind you load yourself. Certainly less bulkier and weightier to carry 4 or 5 film holders and a Harrison tent than 2 or more boxes of readyloads.

Sal Santamaura
23-Dec-2007, 11:42
It pays to explore the main site here. My experience correlates very well with Joe Englanders's results: