View Full Version : Image Circles on Wide Lenses- what's what?

Steve Weisberg
24-Nov-2000, 22:00
I'm choosing a wide angle lens for my 'point-and-shoot' 8x10...So far experiments have indicated that the Nikkor 4.5 has the most effective useable image-technically the circle is 235. But specs say the f8 has an equivalent circle-NOT...What about the 5.6 Super Ang? or 5.6 Fujinon?...Anyon e know? Thanks.

Steve Weisberg
25-Nov-2000, 02:33
Dan- Thanks for contributing a very reasonable solution...While my implication was that coverage is everything - it's not. I want the 90 with the largest circle- I already have the camera...a 120 would necessitate a 2"deeper box and inhibit the 'universal' focus...the con venience of this device is amazing and it 'feels' right to me in this configuration- I just want to use it to its best advantage.

Michael S. Briggs
25-Nov-2000, 03:22
Relying on the manufacturers' specs, the 90 mm lens with the largest coverage would seem to be the Schneider Super-Angulon XL, with a 259 mm image circle.

Pete Andrews
27-Nov-2000, 07:54
Check those Nikkor specs carefully. Nikon quote the image circle at different apertures for the f/4.5 and f/8 lenses in their brochure.