View Full Version : ULF Workshop at foto3 and 7x17 project

steve simmons
5-Dec-2007, 09:55
Is there intertest in an ULF workshop at foto3?

Also, I have started a 7x17 project and will be doing a series of articles on this work in View Camera. The first installment is in the Nov/Dec 07 issue and includes an illustrated sidebar on how I develop the film. Part 2 will be in the Jan/Feb 08 issue.


steve simmons

Scott Squires
5-Dec-2007, 12:07
I signed up for the Victor Workshop but would really be interested in an ULF workshop.

7x17 Canham

steve simmons
5-Dec-2007, 12:11
We are considering setting up a ULF workshop but I can do some 7x17 work in Victor as part of my workshop as well.


David Vickery
5-Dec-2007, 12:38
I still don't know yet if I will be able to attend, but if I do, ULF and alternative processes are my primary areas of interest

10-Dec-2007, 20:05
Is there intertest in an ULF workshop at foto3?

You know us New Yorkers... Location, location...location? The location, price, and agenda would have a lot to do with my interest. I'd want to really learn something.

Not to get off topic...but: I've been to a few "workshops" thus far that have been useless, and it's starting to taint my view of them in general. So many are more like photo meetups - which are great when free. But if I'm paying money I need more than to hang out with photographers, regardless of how great they are. You could be Ansel back from the dead....if you can teach, it's useless.

So if you're doing a ULF workshop, that has instructors who can and LIKE to teach, who can impart knowledge on ULF (and alt processes for me too), that's relatively close (days drive) to NYC, that doesn't cost as much as a year's worth of film, I might be interested. :D


10-Dec-2007, 20:30
I am in CT and a student to boot. I go along with Alec's comment. There are very few workshops around CT/NY area and plenty to shoot!!!!!

Ted Harris
10-Dec-2007, 20:31

A ULF workshop/demo is now a definite for Foto3. We are now finalizing the details but it will be either a half day or a full day. The leaders will be Kerik Kouklis, Monte McCutchen and Richard Ritter. There will absolutely be opportunities for participants to expose some film. So, you will be working with experienced workshop leaders who do hands on instruction .... not photo shoots. Additionally, Kerik and Monte are doing a two day wet plate workshop, again hands on and very limited participation. Kevin Sullivan is also doing a three day alt. process workshop, also intensive hands on. Kevin's workshop is scheduled and the others mentioned will be in a day or two.

Ted Harris
10-Dec-2007, 20:33
Alec and Tim,

Sorry the above isn't near NYC :). However, take a look at the Fine Focus Workshops that Richard, Bruce Barlow and I offer in Southern New Hampshire/Vermont.