View Full Version : Super-Symmar 4.5/80XL Aspheric:data

Trevor Crone
23-Nov-2000, 05:55
Some data you may not have on the above lens. From Schneider's leaflet. flange to focal length=84.7mm front dia.=70, filter thread=67mmx0.75 rear dia. =43, filter thread=41mmx0.5 overall length=51.3mm weight=274gm.

I think you will agree, super compact, super light for such a focal length lens. regards,

Mark Windom
23-Nov-2000, 14:20
According to a pro camera store in Seattle the lens will be available in this area sometime in January for about $1800.

23-Nov-2000, 23:47
If you want to pay half that get in touch with this person.


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E-mail: chr.greiner.photo@t-online.de

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1-Dec-2000, 09:28
Check p. 67 of Nov/Dec 2000 edition of View Camera magazine. Badger Graphic ad. They are selling the 80/4.5 XL for $1295. The web site is www.badgergraphic.com. I imagine that a declne of the eurodollar has somthing to do with the low price. You can get the 110/XL from overseas dealers for about the same price. Check robert white, uk. Good luck and reg