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Michael Graves
4-Dec-2007, 16:15
Exposed an 8x10 sheet with it to see what kind of image circle it had. This is what I got. The sharpness stays good out to about an 8" circle, then drops rapidly. So as a 5x7 lens, it will be moderate with minimal movements. The sharpness is better on the negative. I think I screwed up the scan.

4-Dec-2007, 16:23
Was that photographed near Natick, MA?

Michael Graves
4-Dec-2007, 16:26
Beautiful downtown Fairfax, Vermont.

Home of the....

Home of the.........

Well, I'm sure that SOMEBODY besides me lives here. There's other houses around.

Steve Hamley
4-Dec-2007, 17:23
I can't stand it: when someone photographs a great scene, people ask "What kind of camera and lens, film/developer did you use?" When you do a lens test, someone asks "Where was it at?"


Glenn Thoreson
4-Dec-2007, 19:14
Round pictures are nice, too.

Nathan Potter
4-Dec-2007, 19:31
Michael, is that a covered bridge at the end of the road? I've been thru town but I don't remember the bridge. I had some good hot soup in a restaurant in town and saw many touristas.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Ole Tjugen
5-Dec-2007, 01:01
If that's the Leitmeyr Weitwinkel-Anastigmat, I think we can safely conclude that yours is a Double Gauss one. The "angulon-y" ones have a much greater circle of illumination, although the sharp coverage is about the same.

Michael Graves
5-Dec-2007, 04:25
Damn, Ole! You can tell that by looking at an image? That's amazing. Bet you can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi in double-blind taste tests.

And yes, Nathan. That covered bridge is at the end of Maple Street, here in Fairfax. And since there is only one restaurant in town, you had to have been over at the Country Pantry. They have their own recipe for clam chowder that makes it hard to stomach Campbell's after sampling theirs. And on Thursdays, you can get a prime rib dinner with baked potato and vegetable for $12.95.

Ole Tjugen
5-Dec-2007, 05:17
Angulons and similar don't cut off that abruptly at the end of the sharp coverage - they look more like this one (90mm f:6.8 Angulon on 5x7" film).

Besides which all literature says that the Leitmeyr Weitwinkel-Anastigmat is a double Gauss. It's just mine that isn't, it seems!


Martin Miksch
5-Dec-2007, 08:04
Ole, from Schneider homepage

90mm Angulon
Image Circle Diameter at f/16 154mm

On your image the diameter seems to be much more, what f-stop did you use?

Andrew O'Neill
5-Dec-2007, 08:28
Hey Ole, where was that photo taken and at precisely what time of day and year was it??;)

Ole Tjugen
5-Dec-2007, 10:39
Since the sun is just outside the top left corner, it was taken at around 2 pm. I think it was in April, but I'm not entirely certain. A hailstorm had just passed by, but as there are no leaves out yet it can't be much later in the year. Much earlier and the sun would have been behind the mountain. Location? It's one I'm intimately familiar with: The veranda of my own house! :)

It was shot at f:32, as part of my "test sequence". For the rest of the 90mm Angulons and some enlargements, see http://www.bruraholo.no/Cameras/Angulon/ .

Andrew O'Neill
5-Dec-2007, 22:19
Nice view!

Dr Klaus Schmitt
12-Dec-2007, 01:33
Nice shot Michael,

(but it is spelled "Weitwinkel", just hurts my german eyes...grin)

Cheers, Klaus