View Full Version : Imagine a lens similar to Super Symmar XL 300mm f8, what will it like? how much?

james zhou
4-Dec-2007, 13:12
I bet many who shoot format larger than 8x10 would like to have a wide angle lens similar to the SSXL series with superior color rendition and definition. I don't think Schneider is making one even though there is a clear gap in its lens line up. Such a lens would cover 16x20 with 6 inch shift (enough to cover 20x24), with size similar to the 210mm SSXL. If such a lens becomes available in the near future, what is your vision of such a lens? How much would you pay for it? I am new to ULF so I am throwing some wild idea here. I have a 12 inch metrogon f/6.3. I am planning on building a 16x20 camera that can use this lens.


Eric Leppanen
4-Dec-2007, 14:01
Some time back there was a group special order for the 300mm Sironar W (500mm rated image circle). I have no idea whether any lenses from that order are still available. A used copy usually crops up on Ebay maybe once a year. See:


My vague recollection is that it covers 16x20 but I can't swear to it.

Jim Galli
4-Dec-2007, 14:13
The problem you face is that 1114, 717, 8X20 and even 14X17, 12X20 can be serviced by production graphic arts lenses for a fraction of what the lens you describe would cost. That leaves your only market as folks with 16X20 and larger cameras. That's just a handful of people literally. I'm thinking of the f9 Computar 305, and the Konica GRII 310mm lenses. Both modern coated lenses. 355 G-Claron is common and not enough different in angle that someone would not chose it for $900 instead ot a 300XL for $5800. Of course there are X number of Dr. lawyer indian chief that would have to have it if Schneider made it but.......they might sell out a run of 30 eventually?

Peter K
4-Dec-2007, 15:06
For such lenses no modern shutter is aviable. Schneider makes two lenses for ULF-Cameras, http://www.schneider-kreuznach.com/neuheiten/fine_art_xxl.htm
but with Copal 3 the longer one, 1100mm, starts at f/22. Possible made for "Dr. lawyer indian chief" as Jim has called him.

Peter K

Sheldon N
4-Dec-2007, 15:47
Fuji made a 300mm SW f/8, with a image circle of 720mm and a front element that takes 145mm filters, all fit in a Copal 3 shutter. Never seen one for sale or heard of where one might exist, I think it was a specialty "showpiece" type lens.

If you could find one, I'd be it'd be hideously expensive and a collectors item.

John O'Connell
4-Dec-2007, 15:48
I don't think the shutter is necessarily the problem. A 300/8 is not shutter-limited, at least as far as the aperture required is concerned. A shutter might not be able to withstand the forces that a 300/8 SSXL design might place on the threads under handling, but then you could just make it a 300/11.

And I haven't heard about Copal 3 shutters twisting up under 210 SAs, so I doubt that's a problem.