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3-Dec-2007, 11:55
Hi all!

My name is Daniel, I'm form Poland and this is my first post on this forum.

I'm sorry because my english is not good, and if somoene write answer on this post PLEASE use easy words ;)

I want develop Fuji Slide's Velvia and Provia 100F 4x5 inch.

I have the Jobo CPE-2 PLUS processor, Jobo 2521 Tank and the Tetenal Colortec E-6 3-Bath ,

If someone do this same process please give me the 1st developer, color developer and bleach fix time for Velvia and Provia.

I have time on istruction but i dont know do this time is good.

I search this data on this forum but I dont uderstand to many words.

I hear the first developer time is most important and I know that Fuji slides must be develop long as slide kodak.

If someone can help me and tell me the developer time I BE VERRY THANKFUL.

I want develop something today.


3-Dec-2007, 12:01
Welcome. Your English is 1,000 times better than my Polish.

I would like to know the answers to your questions also.

3-Dec-2007, 12:03
I forgat, I develop on 500ml 6 films 4x5, than next 6 films, and than next 6 films.

On 500 ml i want deveor 18 films 4x5 inch.

Peter K
3-Dec-2007, 13:31
Hi Daniel,

have you tried to get the information you need from Tetenal's website?

When there is no other answer to your question, you can ask Tetenal by mail and you will get the informations you need tomorrow.

Peter K

3-Dec-2007, 14:19
I try find something on this webside and I don't find nothing.

I try in polisch tetenal webside too and i call to him, but they don't know nothing.

I write my question on this forum because i think there is someone who do the same process and can tell me how much time he develop his films.

I find something on Jobo webside, there is information - fujichrome films mus be develop 16 % time long than kodak films.

In my tetenal instruction is 6 minutes and 15 seconds to first developer time, when I add to this time 16 % i hawe 7,15, Meybe this will be good.

Daniel R

Peter K
3-Dec-2007, 14:31

the last time I've developed Fujichrome with the 3-bath process and the Jobo processor I've used the same time as for Ektachrome, but this was some time ago.

The people from Tetenal Hamburg are cooperative, so when you get no answer from forum-members, you should ask there.

Peter K

Michal Makowski
5-Dec-2007, 02:31
Daniel jeśli chcesz to mogę cię skontaktować z kimś kto wywołuje slajdy od wielu lat (chyba w takim samym procesorze jakim ty dysponujesz). Dalszą komunikacje proponuje przenieść albo na maila lub na "privaate messages" na tym forum. Jak wolisz, twój wybór.

Ole Tjugen
5-Dec-2007, 02:38
Daniel, I have used the same times for Ektachrome, Provia and Velvia. I have seen no reason to change that.

I use the chemicals once only - 6 4x5" sheets in 240ml of each.